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Is life that simple? Yes. Is life that hard? Yes. _____________________________________________________
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Thought for the day

Thought for the day

Sometimes how you say something IS more important than what you say.

Join me at Kepler College’s Astrology Day Cafe

Join me at Kepler College's Astrology Day Cafe

March 20, 2014 from 10 am to 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time (1 pm to 11 pm Eastern)

Join Kepler College online for an all-day Astrology Café as Kepler celebrates International Astrology Day. Every hour we have a new set of guests who are representative of a wide variety of astrological practices. You can drop in at any time. Hosted by Enid Newberg, Karen McCauley and Donna Woodwell.
Below is our schedule of speakers (all times are Pacific Daylight Time)
10:00 am Choosing Your Moment, Electional Astrology with Faye Cossar and Christine Arens
11:00 am The Future of astrology education, with Nicholas Campion and Ena Stanley
12:00 pm Visualizing Astrology, with A.T. Mann and Adrian Duncan
1:00 pm Evolutionary Astrology and Soul, with Mark Jones and Laura Nalbandian
2:00 pm Astrology and China, with David Railey and Gisele Terry
3:00 pm Negotiating with Planets (aka Remediation), with Tamira McGillivray, Kenneth Miller and Andrea Gehrtz,
4:00 pm What’s in an Archetype? With Michelle Gould, Margaret Gray and Inga Thornell
5:00 pm Healing with the Stars: Medical Astrology with Lee Lehman, William Morris, and Judith Holloway
6:00 pm Astrological Mystery Dessert of the Day, with Bruce Scofield, Ronnie Dreyer and Georgia Stathis
7:00 pm Astrology’s Ancient Roots, with Robert Hand and Chris Brennan


Welcome Spring!

The Equinox Tradition:

Spring is the dawn of the new zodiacal year in the Northern Hemisphere. Don’t you just love the word “equinox?” I have to decide each time whether to say it with a short or long “e”. The equinoxes are the two times during the year when the dark of night and the light of day are in balance or equal. Another name for the Vernal Equinox is Ostara, from the name of a German Goddess of fertility, Oestarae.

She is the deific equivalent of the Greco-Roman goddess, Aurora, the personification of the sunrise. Consider that the Sun rises in the East and her name is where East and Easter both come from. The Christian Easter date was decided by the Council of Nicaea to fall the first Sunday after the first full Moon occurring on or after the March Equinox. This effectively removed its observance from conflicts with either Ostara or Passover.  Read the rest of this entry »



Quote for today: The only thing scarier than change is regret.


Quote for the day.

Quote for the day.

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day


Listen to Whale songs… Live!

Click: Listen to Whale songs… Live!

Would you like a break from Winter? Ya, me too.

So I just found the Jupiter Foundation’s website where you can listen to the Humpback whales live from their winter breeding grounds in Hawaii. You can also download a whale song ringtone for your phone or just watch the beauty of the Puako Bay beach on the webcam.

This link will take you to the Jupiter Foundation’s website.

This link will take you to the Puako Bay webcam.


RIP Paco de Lucia

Guitarist Paco de Lucia died in Mexico yesterday, he was 66 years old.

Here is the link from MSN News. Click here for the BBC News link.

I thought you might enjoy video clips of him, the clip below is the complete Friday Night in San Francisco album with no ads. This was a 1981 live album by Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucía.

The video at the top of the post is the same three performers, older and with a full orchestra for back up. Enjoy!

My mom played guitar, as well as ukulele, in the 60′s,

mom on her ukulele

mom on her ukulele

and we had real Spanish guitar on a reel to reel tape,
we even saw Andre Segovia in concert,

but until Scott played this for me…

It was like I’d never heard guitar before.

They were having fun, playing, speaking to each other with the music,

just beautiful, and mind blowing.

If you need me today, I’ll be listening to these recording in between classes.

I hope you do too.


Some of the ways pets can improve your health…

Rob is always ready to help me relax

Rob is always ready to help me relax


Those of us with therapy animals know how well they help others, but they also help their handlers. Here’s a nice slide show to illustrate the many ways.

Click for the SLIDESHOW


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