Proper care for Winter woolens


Here are some excellent care tips for those winter woolens and exotic yarns! I use a salad spinner to get the excess water out of the wet fabric. >^..^< inga

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We are often asked how to best preserve the handmade items our customers have created. At The Woolery, we believe that each item you’ve lovingly crafted deserves the finest care – ordinary dish soap simply won’t do! We recommend wool washes that are formulated especially to care for these delicate items. Not only will your finished projects last longer, but you’ll be surprised at how easy and inexpensive it is to properly care for them!

When selecting a wool wash, be sure to look for ingredients that condition and soften fibers naturally – a good example is the lanolin-enriched formula from Eucalan. Harsh additives and dyes (such as you would find in Woolite) damage fibers, so you’ll want a formula that is free of phosphates, ammonia, and other chemicals, too. Finally, a no-rinse formula will not only save water, it will also save wear and tear on your handmade treasures!

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Happy Birthday Eleanor Roosevelt!

Today, October 11, would be Eleanor Roosevelt’s 128th birthday.

Yes, she was a First Lady, a philanthropist, reformer, and mother but what I love about her is she was crafty! If you google Eleanor Roosevelt Images, you will get the impression that  if she was not in formal wear, she was knitting.

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LYS Tour 2012

Yes, the annual LYS (local yarn shop) tour is upon us again.  21 shops between Bellingham and Renton have put together a fun weekend of visiting and shopping May 17 – 20. Each has a free pattern and daily prize drawing and getting your “passport” stamped at all of them, gets you into a drawing for some generous gifts.

Nationwide buying statistics show that people are buying less at small shops and spending more of their money at the big craft stores like Michael’s, Wal-Mart and JoAnn’s. I am not affiliated with any LYS but  I am committed to supporting my friends and neighbors by buying locally when possible. The Puget Sound area has lost three yarn shops this year, and I urge you to visit the ones we have and let them know how much we value them!

For those in the area, have you ever done the LYS tour?

For everyone, do you try to buy local or has that become less of a priority lately?

New Scarves

I’ve been working on my photography and got some good pix of a few scarves I made over the winter. I found a tutorial on digital photography and learned some new techniques. Well, not new techniques really, just figuring out what some of the buttons on my camera actually do :) I learned to switch between auto and macro but I can’t seem to get the background blurred sufficiently. There must be another button somewhere…


sparkly metallic and mohair yarns handwoven with long twisted fringe


lacey cowl crocheted in fine wool


loom knit variegated ribbon


Handknit chunky scarf with sparkles, ribbon, roving and fluff


Handwoven microfiber with sparkly acrylic yarns

Declare war on procrastination!

I was really anxious about getting my research proposal written and I found myself starting projects, making up errands, anything to stay away from it. One of the projects I started was a really wild scarf knitted with 4 yarns held together. Another was the notes I made for myself. These helped me and I hope they help others. If you need help with the handwriting I can translate it for you :) Read the rest of this entry »


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