Pass the Plate!

I am one of ten winners of a “Pass The Plate” plate from Club AmoenaKitchenAid will donate $5 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® every time a plate is passed and registered until December 2009. The promo says,

“Purchase a specially marked plate, created by KitchenAid and Villeroy & Boch, and register it online. Make one of your favorite recipes, put it on the plate, pass it to a friend, and you’re on your way to making an impact.”

My plate is not getting passed as frequently as I would like, due to a bit of a learning curve with the registration form. I guess that is what I get for passing it to guys.  Therefore, my new plan is a “virtual pass.”

Anyone who would like to receive a virtual plate-pass may email me and I will “pass the plate” to you.  You’ll receive one of my favorite recipes,  the url to register the “pass,” and its unique registration number. Register it and KitchenAid will send 5.00 to  Susan G. Komen for the Cure®without any cost to you!

For my first pass, I’ll send you one of my favorite recipes. This one will be for mini-muffins that are just perfect for a brunch or dessert tray. If you send me your address, I’ll also snailmail a pink silicone bracelet from The Breast Cancer Site so you have a souvenir of your generosity! You can also purchase your own plate to pass from the KitchenAid website.

Does that sound like fun? Email me for a pass!

3 thoughts on “Pass the Plate!”

  1. I will take a virtual plate pass! I ordered a real plate for Mike’s mom in California – I think she’d like this. You have my info!



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