Dogs in Clothes?

I have always insisted that I would never dress one of my dogs in clothing. Now I did dress my schnauzer in baby clothes when I was very young and she never seemed to mind but to take a dog out in public like that just seemed wrong. Fast forward to Gracie. 

Apparently, the streets of Taiwan are considerably warmer than my Seattle living room because the poor girl is freezing. She’ll get on the couch and put her feet against me for warmth and I can feel how cold they are through my jeans. I downloaded a few patterns for sweaters, but didn’t want to invest the time knitting it if she wouldn’t tolerate wearing it. Fred Meyer obliged by having this cute hoody on sale for 50% off. So I brought it home and popped it on her. Rob was a good brother and didn’t laugh at her or anything rude like that. She got right down to the urgent business of chewing off the cord lock on the waist tie and then promptly curled up for a nap.  I guess I am knitting dog sweaters this winter.  Scott asked me if I would make Robbie one too but frankly I can’t think of any circumstances where he would be cold. He is the snow-dog, after all -you can see the proof  in this post if you missed it last winter!

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