Yay, I can spin again!

I have had a terrible time with my hands this winter. If you’ve ever had skin cracks you’ll know what I mean. If you don’t, it is where your fingertips get dry, frayed and split where the nail meets the pad. They feel tender like you are covered in paper cuts and it makes folding underwear, wire wrapping and spinning impossible. I tried my usual remedies like Caress soap and Aveeno but even beeswax bars were only helping temporarily. Finally I asked Dr. Chu, Scott’s Chinese Medicine Doctor, about the condition. She took my pulse for about 5 minutes and  gave me pills for my thyroid — what the ??? As soon as I got home I checked on the Internet and found this: ‘If your thyroid is not producing enough thyroid hormone, then you will develop dry skin. In winter, your skin can become very itchy and develop cracks in your fingertips and hands.’ A week later my hands were just normal-dry with no cracks at all.

It is a treat to be able to pick up fiber without it sticking to me. My first project was to ply this beautiful hand dyed roving with some black merino from Crown Mtn Farms that has been sitting on my shelf since last autumn. I should end up with three bobbins of this and plan to weave it into a wrap using black rayon warp. Next I have some blue merino and some natural angora and cashmere to finish.

The yarn being plied on the Ashford traveller. The singles were spun on my Journey Wheel
I love earthtones!

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