Kitchen update: Wednesday

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The floor underlayment is in, ceiling drywall is in, plumbing is roughed in and has passed inspection. Scott’s cigar lounge is full of cabinets and the living room is stuffed with everything that belongs in the kitchen. The job is going quickly and I think we are good as long as Scott has his lounge back by the time the rain starts.I don’t want to litter and I don’t want people to continue looking for her so I have been removing Gracie’s posters from all over the neighborhood. I set a goal of retrieving 12 on each walk and this evening I removed a poster from in front of a house where two women were talking. One called out to me that, “that wasn’t very nice,” and I assured her that they were my signs and that Gracie had been found. She ran over all excited and repeated several times that that never happens. I convinced her that we were all together again and she  looked as happy as I felt. This whole incident has justified my affection for this community we’ve lived in for almost 20 years.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen update: Wednesday”

  1. When I’ve plastered posters all over the neighborhoods for my missing kitties, my retrieval protocol is to first print up a bunch of labels saying “FOUND!” and paste them on my posters. Leave for a day, then begin retrieving the actual posters.


    1. I thought about that but ours are all over Burien, Gregory Heights and Normandy Park! I posted to the B-Town Blog and the Normandy Park blog that she had been found.


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