Happy New Year!

Janus-herm (3)
Janus-herm (3) (Photo credit: diffendale)

Did you make any New Year resolutions?

January is named for the Roman god Janus. According to Pantheon.org, “Janus is the Roman god of gates and doors, beginnings and endings, and hence represented with a double-faced head, each looking in opposite directions. He was worshipped at the beginning of the harvest time, planting, marriage, birth, and other types of beginnings, especially the beginnings of important events in a person’s life. Janus also represents the transition between primitive life and civilization, between the countryside and the city, peace and war, and the growing-up of young people.” The doors of Janus’ temple were open during times of war to provide sanctuary and closed during times of peace. So instead of seeing this as a time to make a bunch of rules that you’ve probably failed at before, you could see the whole month of Janus as marking the transition time between the old and new, providing sacred space to support the changes you want to make.

Change your resolutions to goals:

  •  What accomplishment would make the most difference to you right now?
  • What do you need to accomplish this year?
  • What can you do now that will help you to get ready?
  •  When you have it, write it down.

Now break that goal down into steps. Think about what you would need to accomplish weekly or daily to meet your goal(s). Few New Year’s resolutions are accomplished by a single effort. Most will take consistent effort throughout the year. Plan how you will maintain that effort:

  •  Start a journal relating to your goals.
  • Schedule some time each week to review your goals.
  • Find a friend or a group who will help to keep you accountable.

Utilize professionals:

  • Check with your doctor before radically changing your diet or exercise program
  • Check with a personal trainer to prevent injury when beginning a new program.
  •  Call me if you would rather work on your goals in a more formal and effective way.

I’ve enjoyed all the resolution ideas you’ve been emailing me and if you think any of these great ideas would help anyone else, feel free to post them here.

The important thing to remember is that accomplishing your resolutions isn’t something you do in one day. Invoke Janus’ help to plan and to create these changes in your life.

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