Yesterday Facebook, today,Yahoo, tomorrow… ?

Facebook Allows Mastectomy Photos: Tattooed Model In Controversial Picture Speaks Out

Now lest I sound ironic, people really need access to a community site for pictures like this. When I was considering the surgery, I would have loved to have been able to see pictures like you all can now.

I just  honestly can’t say I ever considered I’d be the “poster girl” for prophylactic mastectomy, or nudity in the media, or tattoos in the workplace, or whatever direction this is taking this week, it is interesting. Interesting and a little scary.  Anyway…

 Link to Beth’s Article

One thought on “Yesterday Facebook, today,Yahoo, tomorrow… ?”

  1. How generous of both you and Cathie to doatne for such a worthy cause based on our comments. I feel very fortunate that I have so far lived a disease-free life. My sister-in-law was not so fortunate. After having had radiation and chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer, my SIL was in remission for a while. Several years later, cancer came back full force throughout her body. She was strong for a while until she couldn’t be strong any longer. She would have been 55 the year she passed; not a long life. I hope all women are encouraged to care for themselves and their bodies. And I hope someday soon they find a cure for this horrible disease.–Pat N.


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