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I spoke too soon… Hard drive crash!

Apparently, I spoke too soon. After the plastic parts on my laptop were successfully replaced, the hard drive crashed. Dell is sending a tech out to replace it this week.

This is not the first time this has happened to me. I had this same problem with a previous laptop. It was overheating and Dell decided to replace the fan. The fan was replaced and once it was working properly and the laptop tried to boot back up… no hard drive. Continue reading I spoke too soon… Hard drive crash!

Thanks, Dell!

It is so nice to be back on my own PC. I have a blog post about mastectomy and reconstructive surgery that I’ll post later but I want to share some computer tricks I have learned from the five laptops I have owned. I am not a netbook or “in the Cloud” user, I have too much astrological and word processing-related software on my computer to be able to use Drive or Google docs for all my work-stuff.

I use Carbonite to continually back up my computer so I am never more than a few minutes from a full data back up. I also keep a few files, my book I am working on, and my Endnote library files (Endnote is the bibliography software I use) on a jump drive. This enables me to move right onto another PC. Once on the new computer I can log into my Google profile and and just continue working. If the hard drive needs to be replaced, and yes, I’ve gone through several, I can just reload critical software, download all my data from and be back in business in a few hours.

What about you, do you not worry about it, are you able to work “in the cloud” or do you have some data portability tips to share?

Bear with me, I am laptop challenged…

My poor little laptop can’t blog

Well, It has tried hard but this little old laptop I am borrowing this weekend isn’t up to the task of modern blogging. It is just too slow for uploading photos and  refreshing web pages, and keeps timing out. I should be back on my own PC on Monday if Dell is able to fix the socket for me. They decided to honor the service contract and end someone out, YAY!

What does a blogger need in a laptop? Continue reading Bear with me, I am laptop challenged…

How do I find Free Halloween Clipart?

halloween-bat-moon-clipartI can see by your searches that you are looking for free Halloween clipart right now.

Here are some of my current favorites.

1. What do you need your clipart for?

Clipart to be used on your website or blog can be in color while the clipart used in printed materials may need to be black and white images. Clipart that was designed to be black and white is generally preferable to printing color images in black and white.

2. Can’t I just use images from other people’s sites?

I know people like to enter search terms and then just click <images> on Google and swipe images but it really is important for you to make sure that you are using your images within the standards of both copyright and polite usage. If you want to use a picture that someone made for their own site, you need to purchase it from them. If you use an image from wikipedia, it will tell you what rights you have to use it. And if you choose an image from  a dedicated clipart site, you need to use it within their parameters.

3. My links:

Microsoft Halloween clipart  Microsoft clipart is available to anyone who owns a copy of Microsoft Word. They have 66 pages of Halloween clipart  that you can use for whatever purposes you wish.

Classroom Clipart is a  site that allows you to download as many pictures as you wish with a free membership. They have an enormous collection of clipart, Classroom Clipart offers pictures that are suitable for children.

Harry Potter Graphics This is a small collection of clipart. The artist requests a link back to the site if you use them. That is usually a good idea anyway.

FG-A Halloween Clipart  has lots of bouncing pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, but the art is a little cooler than you are used to.

The Kidz Page has some really interesting art that  appears to be three dimensional.

I had to share this!

A new dog shame photo was just posted and I couldn’t resist adding it!

(click the pic to enlarge)

dunthor dog shame diploma

Dog shaming

This will take the pain out of Monday

Dog Shaming, Oh my gods, I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before! Thank you, fellow blogger Ashley Bollinger for turning me on to this website. I am thrilled that this website gives people a safe place to vent and to laugh, and to see that some of these behaviors are normal “bad dog” behaviors and not a reason to beat a dog or to give a dog away. I have brought you a small selection of photos, there are many more!

Check out Dogshaming.

Check out Ashley Bollinger’s Blog

Now for the pix!

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