Cleansing Ritual

Jewelry, divination tools and your home should be periodically cleansed or cleared of negative energy. You would also benefit by clearing yourself after a hard day or a stressful interaction. Contact with Elemental energy can be used for clearing negativity. Items can be placed in the sun (Fire element) in running water (Water element), held into the wind (Air element) or buried in sand or dirt (Earth element) for a few moments.

Alternatively, you can create a ritual as simple or elaborate as you feel you need for any given situation. Here is one traditional clearing method that uses cedar incense. Just follow the steps:

  • Light your incense and place it in a bowl or ashtray.
  • Remove your jewelry or other items and hold them in the smoke for a few moments.
  • Visualize the smoke flowing through the item carrying away any negativity.
  • For a larger item, walk around it in a clockwise direction again visualizing the smoke flowing all throughout.
  • For your home, walk the perimeter of each room. Again, clockwise and with appropriate visualization. You can then walk around the outside of the house, if you wish, to further strengthen your perimeter.

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