Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!

We get the word “Easter” from the name of a German Goddess of fertility, Oestarae. She is the deific equivalent of the Greco Roman Aurora, the personification of the sunrise. Her name is where East and Easter both come from. This is logical considering that the sun rises in the East. A creature associate of hers is Ostara’s hare or … the Easter bunny.


Modern Easter is the Christianized version of the festival of Oestara or Ostara. It celebrates the resurrection of the Christ after three days in the tomb thus associating him with the Sun gods of many other cultures who spend three days in the underworld before coming forth with a treasure or a new teaching. (See Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24 and John 20)


Christians dropped the fertility rituals of Ostara but for some reason retained the traditional rabbit and eggs. The early Christians, many of whom had been brought up in the Hebrew tradition, simply regarded Easter as a new feature of the Passover festival, a commemoration of the advent of the Messiah as foretold by the prophets. I prophesy that every store will have a sale on chocolate bunnies and Cadbury creme eggs next week! 


There are no baby lambs or kids yet on the lambcam (see previous post) but I have spent way too much of my time watching them. Most of them were sheared last week so now they are kind of naked and pink but so much cleaner.  I am not much of a farmer; lambcam and the “My Farm” application on Facebook are about my speed dirt-wise.

>^..^< inga

March is: in like a lion, out like a lamb…

The crocuses have finished blooming and the camellias and hyacinths have taken over. It is awfully pretty and I don’t mean to sound picky, but it is still too cold!

Anyway, keeping in line with an Aries theme, check out the lambcam where baby lambs and kids are due any day. I have it open in my browser all day long, just because they are so relaxing to watch. And here is a craft project! Whether you are a Wallace and Gromit fan, or just celebrating Spring, you can make your own “Shaun the Sheep” from yogurt cups… No, honestly! Just click the link: Shaun the Sheep.

Thank you all for a fun Spring party. Robert had a blast, dividing his time between a baby and his dog-buddy, Nala. We’ll have the dates rest of the 2009 dates on the webpage this week so you can plan ahead. Hope you can join us for Summer!

Trust the groundhog!

February 2nd, AKA Candlemas AKA Groundhog Day was bright and clear here in Seattle. Yup, a groundhog could have easily seen its shadow. I saw mine. According to tradition, that means 6 more weeks of Winter and by the groundhog, that is what we have gotten.

Well, I am finished, tired of snow, cold, the whole thing. How about you? March 20th is the Vernal Equinox and the first day of Spring. Equinox is derived from the Latin words equal and night meaning that the day and night are equal again and we are heading to longer days. Whoopee! Let’s celebrate Spring!

>^..^< inga

March 1st

It has been a long time since my last post! I have been working hard and also taking a much needed creativity break. Scott now has a complete wardrobe of scarves, hats and socks and I have some new scarves and mitts. These have been good projects for me, combining instant gratification because they knit or crochet so quickly, organization because I have emptied two of my bins of stashed yarn, and practicality because I made warm clothes all at the same time. I also brought my spinning wheel up from the laundry room, where I put her when I enrolled in Kepler College, and have determined that I still remember how to spin. All this manual labor has also been a great way to compose hypnosis scripts so I am just waiting for this cough to go away so I can do some taping for you. Those will be in the store soon and I’ve actually had so much fun that I am going to put some scarves, mitts, handspun and jewelry in the store in next month or so too.

What do spinning wheels, wool and March have in common? Yes, sheep!

March is said to arrive like a lion and leave like a lamb. Aries, the first sign of the tropical Zodiac begins with the Vernal Equinox on March 20th.  Get ready to move into the active time of the year. It is time to break out of Capricorn-mode and start thinking like an Aries. That means finding fun ways to motivate yourself like giving yourself a creativity break or planning your projects as if you planning a party.

I found a perfect quote to relate to goals:

“Most of us are about as eager to be changed as we were to be born, and go through our changes in a similar state of shock.” James Baldwin

Let this be a reminder to make your goals positive – not I am tired of looking dumpy but…I am fit and vibrant! Think of organizing your basement as an archeological dig. Don’t make Spring-cleaning drudgery — Be kind to your inner Aries and make it fun!

We have a party coming up on the 21st of March to celebrate the Vernal Equinox and beginning of Aries. So be on the lookout for your Evite! If you don’t get one and want one, call or email me. – Inga >^..^<


Did you make any New Year resolutions?

How are those working for you? (Yeah, that’s what I thought.)

Do you know why we make New Year Resolutions?

January is named for the Roman god Janus. According to Pantheon.org, “Janus is the Roman god of gates and doors, beginnings and endings, and hence represented with a double-faced head, each looking in opposite directions. He was worshipped at the beginning of the harvest time, planting, marriage, birth, and other types of beginnings, especially the beginnings of important events in a person’s life. Janus also represents the transition between primitive life and civilization, between the countryside and the city, peace and war, and the growing-up of young people.” The doors of Janus’ temple were open during times of war to provide sanctuary and closed during times of peace. So instead of seeing this as a time to make a bunch of rules that you’ve probably failed at before, you could see the whole month of Janus as marking the transition time between the old and new, providing sacred space to support the changes you want to make.

Change your resolutions to goals:

Ø      What accomplishment would make the most difference to you right now?

Ø      What do you need to accomplish this year?

Ø      What can you do now that will help you to get ready?

Ø      When you have it, write it down.

Now break that goal down into steps:

Ø      Think about what you would need to accomplish weekly or daily to meet your goal(s).

Few New Year’s resolutions are accomplished by a single effort. Most will take consistent effort throughout the year. Plan how you will maintain that effort:

Ø      Start a journal relating to your goals.

Ø      Schedule some time each week to review your goals.

Ø      Find a friend or a group who will help to keep you accountable.

Utilize professionals:

Ø      Check with your doctor before radically changing your diet or exercise program

Ø      Check with a personal trainer to prevent injury when beginning a new program.

Ø      Call me if you would rather work on your goals in a more formal and effective way.

I’ve enjoyed all the resolution ideas you’ve been emailing me and if you think any of these great ideas would help anyone else, feel free to post them here. The important thing to remember is that making those resolutions isn’t something you do in one day. Invoke Janus’ help this month to plan changes in your life.

More snow dog action photos!

Happy Holidays everyone from snowy Seattle!
sbd */:-)

(Red/green color identification consultation provided by my sweetheart!)

Winter in Seattle!

Scott, your blog reporter-at-large, here. I asked for a white Christmas but this is getting ridiculous! It just keeps coming. Freya, Robbie and I have shoveled the front sidewalk and steps umpteen times, not that they mind one bit. While I toil with the shovel, they romp, chase squirrels, and eat snow.

With a break in the storm on Saturday and the next forecast sounding absolutely dire, people are flocking to the grocery stores in droves. We went across the street to Fred Meyer and found lines 50 people deep at the registers. So we bailed out and plan to come back later at night once the storm has arrived.

During the first few days of this Winter Wonderland, my preferred vehicle has been my ultra competent Honda Element with all wheel drive and ABS but as of Saturday night, the snow is deep enough to break out the serious hardware and fire up Inga’s Toyota Tacoma with 4WD, ABS, ample clearance and big ass tires. I push the 4 – 5″ blanket of snow off the truck and venture out into the empty fluffy white streets, the dark night filled with snowflakes. I tool around the neighborhood enjoying the beauty of it all and the simple pleasure of driving in snow for fun before ending up at Freddie’s across the street. As hoped, it is utterly empty of manic shoppers and I leisurely browse the aisles for a few extra supplies in case the power goes out.

It’s now Sunday afternoon and the storm warning has been extended into Monday morning. It’s been snowing on and off for hours and the sidewalk needs shoveling yet again. Robbie looks for squirrels in the trees and Freya plops down in the snow and starts eating it. The snow melts on Robbie’s back but Freya just looks like she’s been sprinkled with coconut flakes due to her super thick fur coat. Little birds are steadily chipping away at the suet. It’s only 30 degrees and the snow is going nowhere. Seeing how we have about 30 or so snow plows in all of Western Washington, getting to work tomorrow may be problematic. Thankfully, it’s very quiet at work right now due to the holidays so working from home is an excellent alternative. The weather people are saying that it will not get above freezing until Christmas Eve and Inga is now talking about moving to San Diego. */:-)

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