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Work out with a Friend, Man’s Best Friend!

Freya and my Mom at Tiger Mtn
Freya and my Mom at Tiger Mtn

It helps to have a workout buddy, someone who can encourage your progress and who is depending on you to get out and work out. I’ve not had great success finding a human workout buddy. They are too competitive, not competitive enough, want to chat instead of breaking a sweat,  or are too easily misled when I suggest skipping the weights and going directly to post-workout jacuzzi and beer.

Freya was my best workout buddy. When Dr Tim did her elbow surgery, he said she needed consistent exercise so we walked everyday, rain or shine or snow, for three miles at the very least. Guilt has always been a good motivator for me. LOL I can’t even imagine how far we walked before her arthritis made walking impossible for her. She is why I always recommend a dog as a walking or running buddy.

No dog of your own? No problem, walk a neighbor’s dog or even better, you can combine fitness with good works! Volunteer to exercise shelter dogs from the Seattle Animal Shelter by signing up with Get Fit With Fido. Then you’ll have a consistent motivation to walk or run, the joy of companionship while you do it, and a warm, fuzzy feeling afterward!

We went to WordCamp!

Scott and I attended a WordCamp in Fremont this weekend. We heard speakers lecture on various aspects of blogging and WordPress for a whole day.  We arrived early, bought coffee at Peets, and then headed over to the Adobe campus. I revved up the laptop but my aircard wouldn’t connect. I guess we were too deep in the basement for it. Scott got me linked to the Wi-Fi just in time because it only accepted a certain numbers of users before refusing any further connections. I really enjoyed being able to check things that the speakers were talking about and to read the tweets about WordCamp all day while listening to everyone around me bitch about not having Internet and smacking their MacBooks in frustration. We learned about different ways to update your blog and the changes coming in the next version of WP, heard some super technical, jargon laden lectures that only Scott could comprehend, and some cool ideas for widgets to add to the ol’ blog.  My favorite lecture was Ian Lurie, who critiqued three different blogs. I heard that the lectures are all supposed to be posted on the WP Seattle site, but I don’t see them yet. If you want to see the blogs and his critiques, you may email me for my notes.

PawsWalk 2009

PawsWalk: A Seattle tradition for 18 years. Paws, the Progressive Animal Welfare Society hosts a fundraising walk through Seattle’s Magnuson Park. Rob, Scott and I participated this year and plan to make it a family tradition. Rob had a blast and I was surprised by how calm he was. In fact, all the dogs were polite and well behaved. Now I realize that people probably only bring polite dogs to an event like this, which is why we never brought Freya, but it seems to me that the fact that we were all moving in the same direction as a pack really made a difference. When the dogs were milling around they were pretty “doggy” but once we all started walking, they were very focused. A double row of volunteers were standing at the finish line clapping for each dog who had completed the course. I was going to bypass the gauntlet but Scott nudged me and said to take Rob through. He was right! The volunteers started clapping and waving at him and he positively pranced to the water bowls at the end of the corridor.  Next year, I think we’ll form a team and see if we can get some more donations. Paws announced that they had more than 1500 walkers, most with dogs ( they don’t list how many dogs) and the final dollar-count is not tallied yet but as of today they’ve raised $185,000.

Hope to see you there next year!