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Gadget Girl has a new toy!

my notebook

Gadget Girl has a new toy, the LiveScribe Smartpen! My Kepler study-buddy, Jacqui, had one at the Sophia ORIGINS conference we both attended. The ORIGINS Conference was great! Three days of lectures on Babylonian astronomy and omenology, the Egyptian view of the soul, pyramid texts, how the two cultures viewed Fate, etc. But the pen… I  couldn’t even wait to get home but bought one at the airport. Frankly, I don’t know how I got by without this. Its main selling point is the ability to record  a lecture and have the recording sync with your notes. I have hardly even used the recording feature but I am thrilled with the ability to take notes, upload them and have them be available on the pc and completely searchable. Yes, searchable!  Continue reading Gadget Girl has a new toy!