Thought for the day

Thought for the day

Sometimes how you say something IS more important than what you say.

Join me at Kepler College’s Astrology Day Cafe

Join me at Kepler College's Astrology Day Cafe

March 20, 2014 from 10 am to 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time (1 pm to 11 pm Eastern)

Join Kepler College online for an all-day Astrology Café as Kepler celebrates International Astrology Day. Every hour we have a new set of guests who are representative of a wide variety of astrological practices. You can drop in at any time. Hosted by Enid Newberg, Karen McCauley and Donna Woodwell.
Below is our schedule of speakers (all times are Pacific Daylight Time)
10:00 am Choosing Your Moment, Electional Astrology with Faye Cossar and Christine Arens
11:00 am The Future of astrology education, with Nicholas Campion and Ena Stanley
12:00 pm Visualizing Astrology, with A.T. Mann and Adrian Duncan
1:00 pm Evolutionary Astrology and Soul, with Mark Jones and Laura Nalbandian
2:00 pm Astrology and China, with David Railey and Gisele Terry
3:00 pm Negotiating with Planets (aka Remediation), with Tamira McGillivray, Kenneth Miller and Andrea Gehrtz,
4:00 pm What’s in an Archetype? With Michelle Gould, Margaret Gray and Inga Thornell
5:00 pm Healing with the Stars: Medical Astrology with Lee Lehman, William Morris, and Judith Holloway
6:00 pm Astrological Mystery Dessert of the Day, with Bruce Scofield, Ronnie Dreyer and Georgia Stathis
7:00 pm Astrology’s Ancient Roots, with Robert Hand and Chris Brennan




Quote for today: The only thing scarier than change is regret.


Quote for the day.

Quote for the day.

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day


Chinese New Year is Jan 31st


photo: wikipedia

This is the Year of the Wood Horse

And just in time to celebrate… here is a free lecture from The Teaching Company.

You know how much I love history… and The Teaching Company. This one’s part of the course, Foundations of Eastern Civilization, by Dr. Craig G. Benjamin, Associate Professor of History in the Frederik Meijer Honors College at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. In this lecture, you will:

  • look at the political rebellions that led to today’s republic,
  • meet Mao Zedong, Sun Yatsen, and Chiang Kai-shek,
  • and witness conflict between Nationalist and Communist parties.

Click to listen: Teaching Company Free Lecture

Click to learn about the course: Foundations of Eastern Civilization

Click to learn more about the Chinese Zodiac

Click here for other element Horse years

New Year Resolutions or SMART Goals

New Year Resolutions or SMART Goals

Smart Goals

Try S.M.A.R.T. goals this year. Smart goals were developed by corporate America and they work. If you click the different links below you’ll find that there are different interpretations of the acronym and you may make up some you like better. I like my R better. 😉

What is important is that thinking your goals through in this way, then writing them out and reading them twice a day will help you to Get Focused. So, on to SMART goals…

S: specific, what exactly do you want? Not, I want to get in better shape, or I want to lose a few pounds, or I want to make more money, or, something wussy. Be specific.

M: measurable, make your goal quantifiable.  How much money? How many pounds?

A: attainable, (sometimes this one is “assignable” but since we’re setting personal goals it wouldn’t make a lot of sense) so, attainable it is. This doesn’t mean it can’t be stressful, a BHG or “big, hairy goal” is OK but if you have a huge goal, break it down into some smaller goals along the way.

R: reward/risk,  (it’s really “realistic” or “relevant” for this one but for personal goals I prefer reward/risk) a reward is something small but meaningful, if you lose a pound this week you get to add 20 bucks to the new wardrobe piggy bank. Risk is same, If you don’t lose that pound, make the number of workouts or number of sales you planned during the week, how about cold showers or no coffee on the weekend? Would that motivate you? It would motivate me!

T: timed, attach a date to it. The bigger goal can be six months out, the “check-in” goals and rewards should be weekly.

Now take some time each day to visualize what you want and why you want it! Don’t ever forget your “Why” this is so important. Read your specific, measurable, timed and written out goal statement each night before you go to sleep and dream about attaining it. Do a bonus-read in the morning as well and you are golden!

Helpful Links:

LeHigh U on Setting SMART Goals

MIT’s HR Dept on SMART Goals

SMART Goals for Dummies

Can the way you speak pinpoint where you’re from?

Can the way you speak pinpoint where you're from?

Can your dialect pinpoint where you are from?

It sure pegged me!

Answer the test questions below to see your personal dialect map. Most of the questions used in the quiz are based on those in the Harvard Dialect Survey, a linguistics project begun in 2002 by Bert Vaux and Scott Golder. The original questions and results for that survey can be found on Dr. Vaux’s current website.

Try it, Click here.

After the first few questions I could tell it was narrowing down already to the pronunciation of “A”. I assume it narrows down differently for everyone. I remember my mom learning French and trying (hysterically) to “cure” herself of that flat Midwestern “A” but even with all her other talents she just had no ear.  Remember Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady? Here is Rex Harrison in a clip from the film about dialect…



We have a fresh dusting of the lovely, clean, white stuff today!

Granted, it is 41F so it won’t last long but  it is pretty. Rob and Gracie were so excited to run around in it this morning that it is already plowed under in the  dog yard. Gracie apparently decided an extra layer was needed over her sweater because her blanket is out there too. I searched the archives and found some fun old posts…

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RIP Peter O’Toole

RIP Peter O'Toole

Peter O’Toole has died at age 81. Such sad news.

Lawrence of Arabia was my favorite movie as a child. I am not sure what appealed to me about it when I was that young but it was the first movie I remember actually paying attention to and remembering lines from. “Epic Adventure” is  still my favorite genre.

Another of his movies that I always enjoy is My Favorite Year. If you haven’t seen it, or haven’t seen it lately… watch it!

MSN has a good article about his career here

To read about the real T.E. Lawrence, click here

To see a clip of My Favorite Year, click here