RIP Paco de Lucia

Guitarist Paco de Lucia died in Mexico yesterday, he was 66 years old.

Here is the link from MSN News. Click here for the BBC News link.

I thought you might enjoy video clips of him, the clip below is the complete Friday Night in San Francisco album with no ads. This was a 1981 live album by Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucía.

The video at the top of the post is the same three performers, older and with a full orchestra for back up. Enjoy!

My mom played guitar, as well as ukulele, piano, organ and clarinet.

mom on her ukulele
mom as a teenager with a ukulele

and we had real Spanish guitar on a reel to reel tape,
we even saw Andre Segovia in concert,

but until Scott played this for me…

It was like I’d never heard guitar before.

They were having fun, playing, speaking to each other with the music,

just beautiful, and mind blowing.

If you need me today, I’ll be listening to these recording in between classes.

I hope you do too.


Some of the ways pets can improve your health…

Rob is always ready to help me relax
Rob is always ready to help me relax


Those of us with therapy animals know how well they help others, but they also help their handlers. Here’s a nice slide show to illustrate the many ways.

Click for the SLIDESHOW

Pet Parenting

This is so true!

When we had Geoff the puppy living with us Rob very patiently taught him how to use the dog door. He jumped in and out a few times and then poked a toy through the hole from outside. After Rob waggled it to get his attention, he’d pull it through, as if to say, “come on, Mr. toy can make through the door and so can you.” It was so cute!  

This was repeated until Geoff finally stuck his head through on his own but he wasn’t too sure about pushing out through the flap. Our dog door is installed kind of high since it was originally placed for Freya who was a tall German Shepherd and the pup’s legs weren’t that long but Rob barked and ran in circles until Geoff just couldn’t stand it anymore and finally jumped the rest of the way through. Soon he was flying through the dog door as if he’d been doing it forever.

How to open a bottle of wine with your shoe

It’s Fun Fact Friday!

Have you ever wondered how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew?

Well now you know.

You are welcome.

What your dog does when you are not watching

I give this beagle a 10 for creative problem solving.

Our Gracie was a counter-surfer when she first came to live with us so snacks, the butter dish, balls of yarn all needed to be kept off the kitchen table when unattended. Since the only dogs we had previously lived with were Freya (100 pounds) and Robby (70 pounds) who couldn’t have gotten onto a counter if they’d wanted to, nothing really prepared me for what this Formosan Mountain cat-dog could get into. The only difference between her and the beagle in the video is that she is so athletic that she didn’t need a chair.

One day I left the two dogs upstairs with their dog door open into their dog yard while I was downstairs in my studio with a client and the communicating door was closed. When I was finished for the day and came upstairs Gracie was all excited and was trying to herd me outside like Lassie. I walked out onto the porch and she leaped off to run a gleeful Victory lap around a cairn of avocados and other fruits she had stolen from the garden window over the sink and carried outside to stack into a pile. As I brought them all back inside I saw that each had a distinctive fang pattern pierced into it.

How many Goldens does it take to fetch an ice cube?

I found this great video today…

Our dogs love ice cubes, we call them water-bones, but only Freya ever operated the ice maker on her own. Rob sits at the fridge and asks nicely. I think Scott’s Aunt Judy’s Golden retriever, Sam, did what this dog is doing because I remember coming into the kitchen and finding spots of water on the floor when he had been alone in there.

I love how you can hear the woman filming say that there is never any ice … check your ice dispenser and see if it has a lock button, mine does but we never use it. I guess someone ought to point hers out to her 😉

Home For The Holidays

Yes, it is that time already!

Thanks dad, for forwarding this beautiful song to kick off the holiday cheer.

Click here for more about the song: Home For The Holidays