What Gemstones Should I Wear?

This is a little like asking what clothes you should wear. The appropriate choice may depend on a number of issues. You may choose a stone that harmonizes well with your Sun sign and Chart tone and wear it all the time. You may decide to choose a selection of stones that you would wear in turn depending on your goal or need in any particular circumstance. The chart below assigns stones to astrological signs and indicates what the sign represents.


Sign Color Gemstones Uses
Aries Clear red Ruby, carnelian, red jasper, garnet Courage, initiating new projects, physical vitality, energy
Taurus Light green Aventurine, emerald Business, money-making, growth
Gemini Clear, light yellow Diamond, quartz, calcite, citrine Communication, adaptability, new ideas, adjusting to new situations
Cancer Milky Moonstone, pearl, shell Imagination, sensitivity, nurturing
Leo Gold, orange Topaz, citrine, tigereye, orange calcite Self-image enhancement, increased energy
Virgo Dark blue Lapis, sapphire, sodalite Organization, discrimination, health systems
Libra Pink Zircon, light opal, rose quartz,
Relating to others, harmony, social occasions
Scorpio Dark red, black Garnet, bloodstone Sacrificing selfish desires, regeneration, transformation
Sagittarius Sky blue, brown Topaz, turquoise, jasper Education, philosophy, idealism
Capricorn Black, smoky Smoky quartz, jet, onyx, hematite Ambition, protection, career, tradition
Aquarius Mixed colors Malachite, chrysocolla, dark opal Progressive action, revolution, humanitarianism
Pisces Purple, aqua Amethyst, fluorite Intuition, compassion, meditation
  • Keep your chosen gemstone within your auric field for long periods of time. You can accomplish this by carrying it in a pocket or hand or by wearing it in a ring or other ornament. You can also place appropriate stones in work area, near bed, etc.
  • “Programming” a gemstone is important. You want to focus on your need, visualize yourself attaining it and then project that image of yourself into the stone. The stone will “save your programmed image” and help attract to you what you need to attain your goals.
  • Periodically, or if you have had a particularly difficult day, your gemstones should be cleared of any negativity which they may have collected. Cover with salt overnight, hold under running water or in sea water for a few minutes or hold in incense smoke while visualizing the dissipation of negative energy.

2 Comments on “What Gemstones Should I Wear?”

  1. rajesh says:

    i wear rahu stone (9carat gomed),& munga stone (6carat red coral) it is ok for me


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