Inga's pick for the best photo of the trip

This is my new favorite way to plan a vacation: instead of planning 7 days or 10 days, plan 5 and then keep extending it, day by day. This removes that dreaded “end of vacation depression” and feels decadent, like helping yourself to another scoop of ice cream. So, since we have a reliable rabbit/cat sitter and flexible schedules, we are still on vacation! Every once in a while I do have a brief pang of horror over how much laundry and vacuuming I’ll be doing when we get home, but not enough to really bother about. 🙂  We spent our first afternoon exploring Cape Lookout State Park just South of Netarts Bay where we are camping and then the next two afternoons combing the beach at Cape Meares for stones and driftwood while the dogs played in the surf.  I found some nice pieces that I’ll wire wrap or add to weavings. Yesterday we walked the Bayocean Spit and read about the community that used to be there. It seemed so artistically desolate that I can’t believe there was ever a resort town at the place. Gracie and Rob ran on the deserted beach until he was exhausted and then she chased seagulls on her own. We finished the outing the same way we have finished each day-trip since we’ve been here, with ice cream at the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

Evening entertainment consists of weaving bracelets on the tape loom or reading for me, and Scotch, a cigar and web-work for Scott. We enjoy watching the late-comers park their ginormous motor homes and trailers and giggle over lines like, “I said straight, that’s not straight,” and “stuff another piece of wood in there, hon.”

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