Man who befriended stray dog during extreme desert marathon brings her home to Scotland | The Independent

gobiAn extreme marathon runner met a stray dog with whom he formed an “unbreakable bond” during a 250-kilometre (155 mile) race in the Gobi desert in China. Dion Leonard, 41, said he hoped to raise the funds that will allow him to be reunited with the dog, named Gobi, who joined him during the annual 4 Deserts Race Series in March.

Mr Leonard, from Edinburgh, developed a particularly close bond with Gobi. He told The Independent: “At the start of Day two, Gobi was on the start line next to me looking up at me.

“This was the first contact I had with her and as I ran off the line I noticed her by my side.

“I didn’t speak much to her that day thinking she wouldn’t stay with me, but at the finish line she followed me into the tent and we slept next to each other. That was it then.”

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See some very cute pictures or donate at Dion’s CrowdFunder Page

Aliens, has it really been 30 years?

Cast-of-James-Camerons-AliensAliens celebrated its 30th Anniversary at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 and Producer Gale Anne Hurd, Director James Cameron, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton, Michael Biehn and others were on hand to discuss the film and to reflect on how the film industry has changed from the 80’s to today. I’m not sure I could count how many times we’ve bought this film let alone watched it. I mean with any Cameron you have the original release in the theater, then VHS, then DVD, then the boxed set, then the Director’s Cut with additional scenes, now BluRay, and I’m sure there will an anniversary set with interviews and commentary coming soon. If they print it, we’ll buy it!😉

Here is the complete collection of Alien’s 30th Anniversary  Interviews:

Hurd & Cameron

Weaver & Paxton

Henrickson & Reiser

Biehn & Henn

I love this anecdote, Henn, who left acting and is now a fourth grade teacher, mentioned that a lot of her student’s parents show up to parent/teacher conferences with DVD’s for her to sign.*

*Link: spinoff comicbook resources

The gillnet ban is permanent!

From VlogVaquita: The day has finally come. Every type of gillnet is permanently banned in the vaquita’s range. There will never again be a legal gillnet in the upper Gulf of California. On 7/22/16, Presidents Obama and Peña Nieto had a meeting to discuss relations between the US and Mexico. In the press release following the meeting, it was announced that the gillnet ban would be made permanent to protect the vaquita:

“Both Presidents committed to intensify bilateral cooperation to protect the critically endangered vaquita marina porpoise, including through the following actions:

  • Mexico will make permanent a ban on the use of gillnets in all fisheries throughout the range of the vaquita in the upper Gulf of California;
  • Both countries will increase cooperation and enforcement efforts to immediately halt the illegal fishing for and illegal trade in totoaba swim bladders;
  • Both countries will redouble efforts, in collaboration with international experts, to develop alternative fishing gear to gillnets that does not result in the entanglement of vaquita and establish “vaquita-safe” fisheries; and
  • Both countries will establish and implement a long-term program to remove and permanently dispose of illegal and derelict fishing gear from vaquita habitat in the upper Gulf of California.”

You can read the entire press release here, which contains other announcements not related to the vaquita.

This is a major victory. 

Click the link to read more… The gillnet ban is permanent!

I love a good book review

cheese1I was on Amazon buying a Kindle version of The One Minute Manager because it is an excellent book and in the ribbon of “suggestions” below I noticed a link to Who Moved My Cheese which was written by one of the authors. Spouse-man got a copy of it once from work along with the rest of the IT dept and it was a harbinger of bad things coming. I clicked it, curious to read what others thought of it and I saw these reviews, they might be the best I’ve read. I hope you enjoy them too…


Precious Waste: Reuse of plastic bags

Michelle Baggerman, I swear I did not make that name up, says that the commonly used method of recycling plastic bags requires more chemicals and produces toxic emissions so she developed her own. She demonstrated how she first used a drop spindle and then a spinning wheel to make the plastic into a form of fiber that can be used for attractive textiles. Watch the video to see what she has created and the impact her idea has had on sustainable industry in one small area. The links below are her company websites and blog.

Aussie Farm Dogs Take Penguin Colony Under Their Wing, Saving Hundreds of Birds – Good News Network

Yes, more of this… A pair of Maremma dogs have spent 10 years guarding a penguin flock once decimated by predators. Click link to read article,

Source: Aussie Farm Dogs Take Penguin Colony Under Their Wing, Saving Hundreds of Birds – Good News Network

Happy 100th Birthday to You, Olivia de Havilland

That means it is time to watch Captain Blood, Gone with the Wind and Robin Hood in her honor and finish the evening with Snake Pit and Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte if you are still up for more. Snake Pit won many awards at the time and is a terrifying look at mental illness while Charlotte is an odd piece, I assume from the way the end was shot that the end was supposed to be kind of comedic but de Havilland’s performance makes it a different thing entirely. I really enjoy it. Olivia de Havilland remains the the oldest living recipient of an Academy Award and is one of only four other women currently living to have received at least two best actress Academy Awards!

Captain Blood was her first movie with Errol Flynn and according to The Wiki: In July 1941 de Havilland was reunited with Errol Flynn for their eighth and final movie together, Raoul Walsh’s Western adventure epic They Died with Their Boots On. The film is loosely based on the courtship and marriage of George Armstrong Custer and Elizabeth “Libbie” Bacon.[129] Flynn and de Havilland had a falling out the previous year‍—‌mainly over the roles she was being given‍—‌and she did not intend to work with him again.[130] Even Flynn acknowledged, “She was sick to death of playing ‘the girl’ and badly wanted a few good roles to show herself and the world that she was a fine actress.”[131] After she learned from Warner that Flynn had come to his office saying he needed her in the film, de Havilland accepted.[121] Screenwriter Lenore Coffee was brought in to add several romantic scenes, and improve the overall dialogue.[121] The result is a film that includes some of their finest work together.[132] Their last appearance on screen is Custer’s farewell to his wife.[133] “Errol was quite sensitive,” de Havilland would later remember, “I think he knew it would be the last time we worked together.”[133] Flynn’s final line in that scene would hold special meaning for her: “Walking through life with you, ma’am, has been a very gracious thing.”[134] Note: footnotes indicate the wikipedia references.

Source: Olivia de Havilland – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I couldn’t agree more with that iconic line from Custer’s Farewell. We saw the restored Gone With the Wind at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre that began with a reading of a letter by de Havilland by the theater manager. Her consideration and generosity to her own fans and the fans of the movie even at a a distance of 50 years was palpable. The women next to me were in tears before the distinctive music started up, just wonderful.Thank you and happy birthday!

WSJ Article David Mermelstein: Why We Give a Damn About Scarlett


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