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Stone of the Sign : Leo

Today, the Sun enters the portion of the sky belonging to the Zodiacal sign Leo (July 22 to Aug 23). Leo is a masculine, fire sign and rules creativity, confidence, nobility and all activities related to command and vitality. Leo is ruled by the Sun and carnelian, tiger eye, golden topaz and ruby are all stones that are in tune with its energy. Wear any of these during Leo’s time or to support any of Leo activities which include:

  • competing in sports
  • playing outside
  • performing
  • spending time with your children
  • creating

If you’d like to know what sign the Moon is in, you can check out my new widget on the right or click here for The Farmers Almanac. The pictures below are examples of Leo stones. The poppy jasper pendant and tiger eye in brass are still available in my Etsy Store and I also have some poppy jasper earrings in both silver and gold-tone.

Sketch Theatre

Have you seen Sketch Theatre? It is a website devoted to video clips of artists sketching, not bio-pics about artists or documentaries of artists talking about their works or anything like that. Just artists engaging in the process of sketching.  It would be great to watch and learn about drawing in various styles, but what I enjoy is just watching the process of creation happening. I’ll admit I am jealous, The process of writing just doesn’t look nearly as cool.