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My Holiday Card

I think you’ll enjoy this whether you celebrate Christmas or not…

Merry Christmas from the animals!

The best part is that by sharing this video with anyone else who needs a laugh IAMs will donate food to shelters all over the USA. So enjoy, share, and have a wonderful holiday.

How much do you know about Christmas?

Merry Christmas QuizHo, Ho, Ho.

Okay, I took the quiz. I got 11 correct out of 22. That is only 55%

I started out with a bang but got really anxious once I started getting questions wrong. A few of these are real nail-biters too!

Try it and put your score in the comments, ok?

How much do you know about Christmas? A quiz – Royalty – CSMonitor.com.

I am seriously hoping that someone is even more culturally challenged than I am…

Epic Quizzes

Achilles tending Patroclus wounded by an arrow...

For fans of Classical Greek and Indian Literature:

Try the HB Quiz on Rama. I thought I was a pretty careful reader but this quiz kicked my butt. I only scored 80%.

Here is another on The Iliad. You can’t beat me on this one because I scored  100% on it.

Try them both and post your scores here!