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Queen Elizabeth: Royals pay tribute on 90th birthday – CNN.com

Queen Elizabeth achieves another milestone as she becomes Britain’s first sovereign to celebrate her 90th birthday.

Source: Queen Elizabeth: Royals pay tribute on 90th birthday – CNN.com

Happy Birthday, your Majesty! There are some great pictures in the link above, click the source article to see them all but I really enjoyed this one of Her Majesty with four of her dogs best. These are Willow, Vulcan, Candy and Holly at the rear of the East Terrace and East Garden in the private grounds of Windsor Castle. This article linked below is from a couple of years ago specifically about the corgis. Holly and Willow were 12 at the time of the Vanity Fair article, that makes them really old ladies now.

Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis from Vanity Fair, 2015

Queen Victoria’s Journals

Have you browsed Queen Victoria’s Journals yet? Queen Elizabeth has made the entire collection available online to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee. If you have ever been interested in Queen Victoria, British history, Jane Austen or historical novels at all, you must read these.  The journals begin with a chronicle of a trip to Wales taken when (then) Princess Victoria was thirteen years old. Continue reading Queen Victoria’s Journals