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Made in Taiwan

Her name is Gracie Cupcake Duncan and she is a 6 month old Formosan Mountain Dog mix, from Salty Dog Rescue. She was flown here to Seattle, spayed and put into a foster home. We met her at an adoption event at Immortal Dog Pet Supply and Bakery.  Scott has advocated for a puppy for a long time and started sending me puppies from Petfinder a few weeks ago. Scott and Rob met a Taiwan dog and heard all about them at the cigar store in Vancouver and was very impressed with the “breed.” I had to admit he was right about the timing on a puppy, Rob is the perfect age to enjoy one so we took him to Immortal Dog to do research. Research only. Well, you can see from the pictures how that turned out. Her call name was Cake. Since we always change names when we take in a new beastie, we named her Grace, from the Latin gratia  meaning  “favor; blessing”. Continue reading Made in Taiwan

The Rabbit Report, part II

Well, this has been the easiest integration of new beasts we have ever had. We were prepared to have issues with Maggie, the cat Freya rescued July 4, 2004, since she is fairly antisocial and quite the hunter. For the record, Satin angoras are the size of an average cat and aren’t in any real danger from them. Maggie is a smaller than average cat and is rather smaller than any of these buns. However, she has appointed herself Bunny-nanny and now spends most of her day on the dryer watching them. I heard a commotion and ran to the kitchen door, just in time to see Rob scooting up the stairs with Maggie in hot pursuit. I guess I left the laundry room door open and he sneaked down to peek at them.

Rob is three and a half now, and has fully developed prey drive so he is mostly seeing them in laps or in their pen and never without supervision. Ivy was in my lap in the family room and Rob came over to sniff her. He approached in dog- polite “curve” formation, not looking at her and she allowed him to sniff and then she turned to sniff him back. I told him, “good boy, that’s enough,” and he left the room. He was back shortly after carrying a small toy duck, which he gently set next to her.

Stay tuned for part III: guess what followed us home from Wool in the Woods!