New Studio

I’ve been away but I have a very good excuse, I’ve been moving. Not moving far, just moving upstairs. One thing we’ve learned having a small house and living in it for over 20 years now is that we keep re-purposing rooms. It is how we avoid outgrowing the house I guess. This move started when… Read More New Studio

Got Lead?

Seattle seems to have joined Tacoma and all the other cities around the country with some amount of lead in their drinking water. The public utility says that IF your home is one of the ones testing positive for lead the lead isn’t from the water, it’s from your old goose-neck pipes used to attach… Read More Got Lead?


We have a fresh dusting of the lovely, clean, white stuff today! Granted, it is 41F so it won’t last long but  it is pretty. Rob and Gracie were so excited to run around in it this morning that it is already plowed under in the  dog yard. Gracie apparently decided an extra layer was… Read More Snow!