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A New Look!

 Is this exciting, or what?

I think this is the first theme change in about twelve years. I decided to try a new theme, new colors, the whole thing! The picture above is the one I chose, in case you are interested. The hard part was getting the sidebar to load correctly since this theme assumes you won’t want one. Mine is on every page but the first page.

The other challenge was to get the pages in the menu at the top to display in only one line, yes, I am picky that way and I don’t like multi-line menus.

What made me keep the old theme so long is that 1. It loaded lightning-fast, and 2. It was easy to read. So far this is even easier to read because of the way it makes more posts available without scrolling while still allowing me to retain a font/reading-pane background color I like.

Call me old-fashioned but I prefer black type on white or cream paper, and the graphics-design types don’t see that as a priority. Now as far as page loading speeds go, we’ll see. What do you think?

Keep in Touch

I am remodeling the website and blog again. I am keeping the overall color scheme but that is about all! Scott is working on making a new banner for me and we’re using Thesis for WP as a theme. I am changing the site structure so that you, and I, can get into the info pages more quickly. To do that I got rid of the “library” and put the page links in the sidebar.

So far, the Table of Intentions is up, as is the  Referral and Recommendations page and the Candle Ritual. The What Gemstones Should I Wear and Moon Phases pages will be next. I made a new Keep in Touch page with all the places you can find me on the web and it also has a widget you can use to book an appointment with me. Tell me what you think!