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Who turned on the rain?


Photo: KOMO News Website


Most of us around Seattle have had a gloriously, long Summer, marred only by the smoke and ash of the recent wildfires that the rest of the NorthWest have suffered. But Sunday, like turning on a faucet, the rain started and we have overcast skies and rain forecast for the rest of the week. Crystal Mountain went from Wildfire to their first snow in two weeks. How quickly the Fall weather begins…

First Rainy day in 3 Months: Komo News Link

Crystal Mountain Blog Link


The Green River, or a walk denied!

Anytime I have to venture into the Southcenter valley, I take Robby and combine errands with a walk on the Green River Trail.  However, in case you haven’t noticed yet, the trail is closed in Tukwila. Tukwila is expecting flooding that will rival the flood of 1946 and they are using the trail for the wall of giant sandbags that will dam the river. I wish they had put them off to one side of the trail but no one on the planning committee asked me for my suggestions. It is disconcerting to stand in the Costco parking lot and to realize that you are below the level the river is expected to rise. Rob and I found that you can get onto the trail north of the Kinko’s parking lot and head north through Fort Dent all the way to the terminus without sandbags.

This has also encouraged us to reacquaint ourselves with other walks/hikes in our area, more on those later.

Click here to read about one man’s response and to buy a Tshirt.

Click here for a map of the Green River and Interurban Trail System.