Venus and Jupiter

Step away from the computer and go outside. No, really! Jupiter and Venus are conjunct and the Moon will appear to pass right by them. The best pictures of what to look for are here at Skytonight.

The other important item is that tonight is a New Moon which means that NOW is the time to start whatever new project or new practice you’ve been planning. Sorry the distribution list isn’t set up yet. You will get proper warning for the upcoming Full Moon!

I’ll get to see the conjunction on my way to take Rob to class. He is finishing Beyond Basic Obedience tonight. At least, I think he is, he may have one more week to go. It is a good thing I don’t have children, eh?

Robert Bruce

Picture of Robert Bruce taken by Stephanie

Inga >^..^<

4 thoughts on “Venus and Jupiter”

  1. Greetings from San Diego! I’m staying in a hotel downtown on the waterfront and I don’t think I’ll get to see the conjunction due to all the lights and the light fog. Makes me wish I was back in my front yard in good ol’ Burien! */:-)


  2. I’ll bet it is warmer there though! Well, it was indeed the last night of class (head slap). Since only about half the class showed up for the big test, it was made even bigger. Each dog and handler team had to work individually with the rest watching and each dog did heel, halt, sit, about turn, etc without leashes all the way around the ring. Robert completed with high marks and his down-stay received special comment. Next we are on to Therapy Dog certification and/or flyball classes. >^..^<


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