Rob says, "I would be less bored if I had a goat-buddy."
Rob says, "I would be less bored if I had a goat-buddy."

Lambcam Update: We, ok the farm, have two kids! Arno was born the night before Easter and now a doeling has joined him. Too cute! … Whoa, two more babies just now! Anyway, click the link to see pictures.

For more sheepy news, Scott, Robert and I are going to The Shepherd’s Extravaganza this weekend. I will be taking a class and Scott will be wandering around looking at sheep, goats and sheepdogs. Rob will be waiting in the truck, hoping for a chance to meet, play with or chase something!  If you have time this weekend, check it out!

Tax day! Or, another Holiday History Lesson… If you can consider tax day a holiday.

Taco Del Mar is giving away free tacos today. That does make it a bit holiday-ish, YUM!

Anyway, prior to 1913, taxes were most commonly levied against consumption of various goods and services  rather than against income.  Remember the Stamp Tax, the Tea Tax, and others during the Colonial era? It was taxes such as these that helped give birth to the American Revolution.


From the now defunct M.E. Hansen Tax Consultants website:

1862 – Abraham Lincoln enacts an emergency measure to pay for the Civil War; minimum tax rate is 3%.

1872 – Lincoln’s income tax law lapses.

1894 – A 2% federal income tax is enacted.

1895 – The U.S. Supreme Court rules the Income Tax “unconstitutional” in Pollack vs. Farmers Loan & Trust.

1909 – The 16th Amendment, authorizing Congress to collect taxes on income, is proposed.

1913 – Wyoming casts the 37th vote, ratifying the 16th Amendment. Only one in 271 people pays an income tax at a rate of 1%.

1926 – The Revenue Act of 1926 reduces income taxes because “too much money is being collected.”

1939 – The Revenue statutes are codified; One in 32 citizens now pay an income tax; the rate is 4%.

For the long version from the US treasury, click HERE

“The income tax created more criminals than any other single act of government.” Senator Goldwater, 1989

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