Click to Give!

I’ve been using this site for years and I’ve noticed that their click stats have decreased a little. Are you forgetting to click every day? Remember, this is a free way to show support and to access funds donated by sponsors. I know we are all busy and preoccupied lately and if you just have too many things to remember right now, you can sign up for an email reminder. The daily reminder always contains a cute story about a rescued pet and has link in it to make clicking even easier.

The site also links to the hunger, breast cancer, literacy and rainforest sites and you can click them all each day if you like. You won’t end up with a mailbox full of “begging letters” and address labels and it doesn’t cost you anything, unless you decide to purchase items after you click. I have found some really nice items and great gifts in their store and all purchases benefit the various charities. They carry the National Geographic Novica line of clothing and accessories and also have Fair Trade and recycled items. Please, click to give!

Click to Give @ The Animal Rescue Site.

How does it work?

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