We spent the weekend at the Dosewallips State Park. We had glorious Summer weather during the 3 days with rain every night, hard rain, but we were comfortable, warm and dry in the BnB: bungalow-in-a-box Coleman camper. Rob was outside all day and could only be enticed inside and out of the rain with cheese added to his dinner.  Then he’d mope around and sigh a lot. We found a great short hike along a trail that went along the river where we saw salmon, elk and eagles.  Rob was wading and Scott was looking at all of the rocks in the water when he realized they were not rocks at all but salmon moving in the shallows. They were hard to see at first because they had taken on rock tones and mottled coloration as camouflage but they were spawning and the park ranger told us they were Summer chum salmon.   Joe rode out one day on his BMW motorcycle for a brief visit and coffee. We traveled to the park by crossing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, heading North up the Kitsap Peninsula, crossing the Hood Canal bridge and then heading South a few miles on Highway 101 on the Olympic Peninsula. The park is situated in the Olympic Mountain foothills along the Hood Canal and a lovely place to spend some time. We are looking forward to a return visit.