I believe Astrology is the best way to learn about yourself and those close to you. While Sun sign astrology can describe one aspect of a person, detailed astrological insight requires accurate birth data in order include their desires, learning style and motivations. Think about what this kind of insight could provide you about your pets…

What kind of issues will they be likely to have?
How can you motivate them?
How nervous will they be about new experiences?

You can answer these questions about your pets by studying about their Sun Signs.

Now, unless you get a pet from a breeder, you probably don’t have their exact time and place of birth but that doesn’t mean you can’t get any astrological insight. For those with adopted pets, no matter where you got your pet, they will need to get or will have gotten immunizations. This means their vet record will have a birth date listed.  The date is probably when the animal turned up at the humane society but if the animal was young, the month listed will be pretty accurate. Vets are most accurate at guessing ages in months, an animal over two or three years old will be much harder to date.

Rob’s birthdate, according to the Pierce County Humane Society is December 19. This means that when he got turned in as a stray on the 19th of March, he was estimated to be three months old. December 19th makes him a Sagittarius. The Llewellyn website says, “Sagittarius animals will be energetic and playful. They are free-spirited, curious, and friendly.” Sounds like the definition of a golden retriever, right? Yes, he is a classic dog. How is this information helpful to me? In Rob’s case, it means that as long as I keep training fun, he can learn anything. If I lose the fun-factor, he will glaze over or wander off.  His major issues are being left alone and being bored. Working with his attention span means keeping training sessions short and fun, so instead of half hour training sessions, I run him through his tricks before putting his food down for him, before putting his leash on and when coming in from outside.  He likes exploring new territory, not walking the same route every day so new parks are a special treat for him. Knowing how he operates also helps me to not get frustrated about  those things that are difficult for him.  Between being both a Sag and a sled-dog, he is far more comfortable moving forward, in front of me, especially with a bit of tension on the collar. He can heel perfectly when told to do so but walking next to me is not his default position. Sagittarius is a mutable sign and Rob lives up to that mutability. He is always open to new experiences, new people, and is remarkably resilient. What is he not? He isn’t shy, sharp-tempered, or pushy.

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