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Epcot turns 30 this month

Have you been to Epcot lately? Epcot is my favorite park at Walt Disney World in Orlando. I found some pictures of the opening and a story from The Orlando Sentinel: Pictures: Epcot opens at Walt Disney World in 1982 – OrlandoSentinel.com.

I did a search of my blog and found two earlier posts about Epcot. March 2009 is about a business trip of Scott’s that I tagged along on and January 2011 was when I was in Orlando again to take care of my mother until her death from breast cancer. Her home was between Disney World and Universal Studios so every night at 9 pm you could see and hear the fireworks at both places.

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photocredit: wiki commons

Now that it is getting more Autumn-like here in Seattle I am pining for that Orlando weather. When I flew down on Halloween in 2011, the flight was full of people from Seattle heading down for the winter with tons of luggage, dogs, cats, etc. Except for the flight itself, doesn’t snow-birding sound wonderful?