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According to the Astrofaces introduction:

Astrofaces is a research study seeking to verify Astrology for modern science with photographs of subjects grouped by the zodiac signs of their Sun, Moon & Ascendant. Do people who share the three most prominent factors in the chart resemble each other?

It’s an intriguing study but so far the findings have been limited by the variability of photos and the current state of FRS, facial recognition software. Click the following link to read more and also to add your birth data and a photograph. Here is the LINK:

You may have read Sun Sign astrology books that discuss physical characteristics of people of certain Sun Signs. Like the rest of this type of astrology this is an oversimplification. Astrofaces is one project that attempts to rectify this by adding the Big Three or Sun, Moon and Ascendant and below I have an except from Nicholas Culpeper, 1616-1654, who like other traditional astrologers attributed one’s looks to the Ascendant or rising sign and its ruler. By Astrofaces I’d be a combo of Cancer, Gemini and Scorpio and by Culpeper I’d be Mercury, but fixed, with some Sun and Venus because I have a Gemini ASC and my Mercury, the ruler of Gemini is in Scorpio, (a fixed sign) conjunct the Sun and Venus, square Mars and all under the horizon. How about you? Read below and let me know…

Portrait_of_Nicholas_Culpeper_Wellcome_L0014459Traditional astrology attributes one’s looks to the Ascendant or rising sign and its ruler and also to any planets that conjunct it closely. Here is what Culpeper, wrote in his Opus Astrologicum about a person’s physical appearance based on the rising sign, ‘By comparing the Planet with the sign he is in, the description of the body is found out.’ Also, ‘by considering the strength of the Planet, his aspect to the Sun or Moon, his being with fixed Stars, either of, or opposing his own nature, with his being above of under the earth. For Planets, when they are above the earth, give far taller stature then they do when they are under the earth.’ One can see he is addressing basic concepts of dignity and sect. He continues with triplicities and more but the pdf (see link) is hard enough to read these in…  in general descriptions of the Planetes, he says,

The Sun presents one of a brown or yellowish colour, and forehead, great hazle eyes, sharp and piercing, quick-sighted; of no great stature, yet fleshie, and full-boned: he hath a long beard, and is quickly bald, a generous creature, high-minded, aiming at no base or mean things.

The Moon declares one with a pale and whitely face, mixed with but a little redness, if any: of mean stature, proud, of an auburn hair, flowe of speech, fat and flegmatick; short arms, fleshly hands of a mutable condition, often removing from place to place; a wearish peevish creature, seldom contented; neither delighting much in action nor idleness.

Saturn signifies a man with a black swarthy colour, big and large eye-brows, black and little eyes, thin beard, and sometimes none at all; thick shoulders, and sometimes crooked; heavie impish looks, tall stature: he goes with his head stooping forward: lean face, thick lips: he delights to be alone, and is always musing: he hits one leg against the other as he goes: he can hide his anger, and his tongue will tell no tales of his heart: willful, envious, malicious, fearful, proud, and slovenly; covetous, aiming wholly at his own ends.

Jupiter represents a man tall of stature, of a brown muddy complexion, an oval visage, high forehead, fair gray eyes, light brown hair, a handsome well-set strait body, large belly, great thighs, great well-proportioned legs, long feet, a sober, well-spoken, well-conditioned man, desiring to benefit all men; not covetous, nor caring for the goods of this world.

Mars describes one of an high colour, slender, yet strong, and well-set; a round sun-burnt face: his hair yellow or [flaxen]; hazle eyes, quick, sharp and piercing; furious looks; proud, presumptuous, valiant, full of words, boasting and lying.

Under Venus are born people of a whitely-brown colour and complexion; black and quick eyes, little eye-brows, red lips, cherry cheeks with little dimples in them; the [lower] lip somewhat bigger then the upper; a neat, well-composed, and well-ordered body; strait, but of mean stature, affable, courteous, merry, wholly delighting in curiosities.

Lastly, Mercury gives a creature of a tall stature, black hair, long lean face, high forehead, long strait nose, lean lank body; long fingers, and lean; long feet; and he goes swinging one arm; a witty subtil man, full of talk, and of no great fidelity, unless Mercury be in a fixed signe.

Here is a link to Opus Astrologicum

This is a bio of Culpeper from Skyscript