Winston Bunstead

Scott took the bunny outside for some yard time today and I made dinner, for Scott not Bun, while they were outside. Winston Bunstead enjoyed munching some St John’s wort, elm twigs, lemon balm and a bit of mint.

pic from Lazy Cat Kitchen

This recipe was great. I don’t like chopping onions and figured I’d replace them with 4 green onions and then since I wouldn’t be sauteing onions I may as well use garlic powder and avoid sauteing the fresh garlic as well. It sounded like a lot of cumin in the ingredient list but it wasn’t at all, it was very aromatic and a good combination with the cayenne and paprika.

Addendum: Scott loved it and ate it with Lundberg brown rice two days in a row. SO even if you skip steps like me the recipe is super, try it!

Here is the recipe Link: Spanish chickpea and spinach stew – Lazy Cat Kitchen