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The 2016 LYS Tour

We’re counting down to the 2016 LYS Tour: Five days of fiber fun, May 18 – 22, 2016. Puget Sound, Washington. Click the sheep to see the cool countdown timer counting the days.

LYS is an acronym for Local Yarn Store and each store on the map will have items on sale and a free pattern. There are also prizes for filling your passport with stamps from all the stores but I never get to all of them.

Here’s the map for this year:

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There is a Knitting Reality Show in Denmark. No, honestly!

Isn’t this too funny? There is something to be said about people who can get worked up about knitting. And I especially love the dramatic music. Enjoy!


Freshly Baked… Bolos

Actually, I made these a while ago but I’ve been remiss about posting, and I am sorry. They are a variety of jasper cabochons set in polymer clay. Most of these have been sold or grabbed by Scott but just email me if you are interested in anything similar. Anyway, I hope you like them, I think they are so cool…

Beading tales 2


Sheesh, It only took me twenty-two restarts  to figure out  why most of the patterns call for stripes. It is because the stripes keep us from dropping from five beads per round to four or three… I then re-threaded the iridescent purple beads alternating with black to make stripes and the whole thing went better.  By better I mean it only took about eleven more partial rip-backs to keep it going.

Some tips:

1. remember to pick at least 2 colors or you’ll have a hard time keeping your rows straight.

2. don’t even attempt this without the jig from Studio Dax

3. crochet loosely, or as loosely as you can when you are learning something new and concentrating so hard.  It took me a looong time to loosen up sufficiently since I tend to crochet tightly anyway.

4. feel free to post any questions in the comments, I’ll try to help.


Proper care for Winter woolens

Here are some excellent care tips for those winter woolens and exotic yarns! I use a salad spinner to get the excess water out of the wet fabric. >^..^< inga


We are often asked how to best preserve the handmade items our customers have created. At The Woolery, we believe that each item you’ve lovingly crafted deserves the finest care – ordinary dish soap simply won’t do! We recommend wool washes that are formulated especially to care for these delicate items. Not only will your finished projects last longer, but you’ll be surprised at how easy and inexpensive it is to properly care for them!

When selecting a wool wash, be sure to look for ingredients that condition and soften fibers naturally – a good example is the lanolin-enriched formula from Eucalan. Harsh additives and dyes (such as you would find in Woolite) damage fibers, so you’ll want a formula that is free of phosphates, ammonia, and other chemicals, too. Finally, a no-rinse formula will not only save water, it will also save wear and tear on your handmade treasures!

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Find Free Thanksgiving Clip Art

The Thanksgiving holiday is rapidly approaching and I know you need clip art to make newsletters, notes, cards & decorations. These are a few samples from some of my favorite sources.

A variety of vintage images are available from Ms Bitty Knacks

Dunthor Thanksgiving Clip Art

Best Clip Art Blog

Dunrhor Thanksgiving Free Clip Art

Classroom Clipart has an amazing amount of art available for all holidays and interests. Just sign up for a free membership.

Dunthor, Free Thanksgiving Clip Art

Clip Art Pal

Dunthor Free Thanksgiving Clip Art


There is more than one way to knit a sweater!

Well, not really but it would be kind of cool.