Sheesh, It only took me twenty-two restarts  to figure out  why most of the patterns call for stripes. It is because the stripes keep us from dropping from five beads per round to four or three… I then re-threaded the iridescent purple beads alternating with black to make stripes and the whole thing went better.  By better I mean it only took about eleven more partial rip-backs to keep it going.

Some tips:

1. remember to pick at least 2 colors or you’ll have a hard time keeping your rows straight.

2. don’t even attempt this without the jig from Studio Dax

3. crochet loosely, or as loosely as you can when you are learning something new and concentrating so hard.  It took me a looong time to loosen up sufficiently since I tend to crochet tightly anyway.

4. feel free to post any questions in the comments, I’ll try to help.