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Meet Marley!

Meet Marley! I met her this morning on my walk. I was thoroughly enjoying the cool morning mist and trying out my new poles for the first time (I’ll fill you in on those later) when I saw a golden lab-type dog in the road. She was standing in the middle of the street in a residential area right off the main-drag.  When she saw me she started limping toward me. Continue reading Meet Marley!

Gadget Girl has a new toy!

my notebook

Gadget Girl has a new toy, the LiveScribe Smartpen! My Kepler study-buddy, Jacqui, had one at the Sophia ORIGINS conference we both attended. The ORIGINS Conference was great! Three days of lectures on Babylonian astronomy and omenology, the Egyptian view of the soul, pyramid texts, how the two cultures viewed Fate, etc. But the pen… I  couldn’t even wait to get home but bought one at the airport. Frankly, I don’t know how I got by without this. Its main selling point is the ability to record  a lecture and have the recording sync with your notes. I have hardly even used the recording feature but I am thrilled with the ability to take notes, upload them and have them be available on the pc and completely searchable. Yes, searchable!  Continue reading Gadget Girl has a new toy!

Kindle Love!

I always loved the aesthetics of a book, the bindings and covers, the quality paper, printed fonts, the whole package. I never thought I would prefer an e-reader over a book, but I do.

Let me list some of the benefits of the kindle:

It is small enough to read in bed and still “turn pages” one-handed.

I can carry 100+ books with me at all times.

My bookmarks don’t fall out and get lost.

I don’t end up using important bills, photos or tickets as bookmarks.

I like to take notes when I read and the kindle allows me to annotate and highlight digitally. The best part is that I can then download my notes and highlights directly from the kindle into a text file on my pc.

Makes packing for a trip easier, and lighter. Really, what is the hardest part of packing for a trip? Making sure you squeeze enough books into your suitcase, right? I mean now I only need to bring one or two print-books  just in case the kindle and my pc simultaneously malfunction or the plane crashes and I am marooned on an island.

I can play Panda Poet on it.

The battery lasts forever.

The range of available books is incredible. I have archaeology, anthropology, astronomy, nutrition, running, ethnography and even some fiction on mine.

Public domain books are available for free.

If one was so inclined, Kindle can be accessorized with skins, covers etc.

I love my kindle!