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Salvador Dalí Illustrates the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

No melting clocks, but click the link below to see large-size pictures of Dali’s Zodiacal signs. These were created in 1947 and still look fresh and modern. His color choices and spare line work give a different interpretation to some of the signs than you may be accustomed to.

Source: Salvador Dalí Illustrates the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac – Brain Pickings

How did clouds get their names? – Richard Hamblyn – YouTube

I love TedTalks and thought this was an interesting one. I remember memorizing the names and characteristics of clouds but never thought about who named them, I guess I assumed it was someone much more ancient, Archimedes perhaps…

The video mentions John Constable, a British painter of the Romantic Era. He is known for his meticulous paintings of the English countryside which often had the meteorological conditions of the day written on the back of the canvas. Here are two of his paintings:


The Opening of Waterloo Bridge seen from Whitehall Stairs, 18 June 1817

By John Constable, Public Domain


Seascape Study with Rain Cloud(c.1824)

By John Constable, Public Domain



New Jewelry: Freshly baked!

I have been busy! This is last week’s batch of baking.

Now that the roof, drain, sewer and porch projects are finished I can get back to making messes in my studio! I have avoided most of the serious mess-making arts like painting, pottery and stained glass but I do love clay, polymer clay to be exact. I love how organic the polymer clay looks with my stones and how sturdy it is. The clay settings impart a completely different feel than my wire settings and provide a more massive ancient look. Most of these are available in my Etsy shop and I’ll have the rest listed soon. Hover over the picture for the titles. Click to enlarge.

Sketch Theatre

Have you seen Sketch Theatre? It is a website devoted to video clips of artists sketching, not bio-pics about artists or documentaries of artists talking about their works or anything like that. Just artists engaging in the process of sketching.  It would be great to watch and learn about drawing in various styles, but what I enjoy is just watching the process of creation happening. I’ll admit I am jealous, The process of writing just doesn’t look nearly as cool.