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Choose the best color for your front door

Feng shui door colorsWhat color is your front door?
Here is a good short article on front door colors based on Feng Shui. You’ll need to know your exposure, for instance, I have a Southern facing front door so I have a steel door with a fiberglass wood veneer that I stained with two colors of gel stain, cedar and a color called bark, to resemble reddish woodgrain with darker streaking. It gives me the Feng Shui red/South door and it also looks like real wood but with the security of steel. I could have simply painted it red, or purple, or even magenta, but I wanted the look of wood so I choose a warmer redder wood-tone rather than a cooler-tone.

Click here to read the article and choose a color for your door: link to the article 

Is this too annoying?

So I have inaugurated Mythic Monday, how about Web Wednesday? I love discovering new HTML tools! Lately I have been changing my background color. I know some coordinate better with my scheme than others but I love all the colors I have access to with HTML. It is like having a 64 color crayon box multiplied by like a million! Continue reading Is this too annoying?