So I have inaugurated Mythic Monday, how about Web Wednesday? I love discovering new HTML tools! Lately I have been changing my background color. I know some coordinate better with my scheme than others but I love all the colors I have access to with HTML. It is like having a 64 color crayon box multiplied by like a million! My favorite color chart is from this site. This one has color combinations. Here is a great way to design color palettes. The next one has colors broken out by either name or value. This one has various color charts for sale.

My original background is #600000 but #006633 is a close second, right now you are looking at #000066. My favorite color is blue but I find I  like most saturated tertiaries. Tertiary colors are created by combining equal parts of the primary and secondary colors that lie on either side of them, like:

  • Yellow-green= equal parts of yellow and green
  • Yellow-orange= equal parts of yellow and orange
  • Red-orange= equal parts of orange and red
  • Red-violet= equal parts of red and violet
  • Blue-violet= equal parts of blue and violet
  • Blue-green= equal parts of blue and green

Scott doesn’t like any of the colors I’ve chosen but he’s color-blind, so I can’t tell whether he doesn’t really see these colors correctly or whether he just doesn’t like me tinkering with my theme. What do you think, Is this fun or is it annoying? What HTML colors have you found?