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Join me at the Holiday Craft Bazaar this Saturday!

holiday craft bazaar

Please join me at the Holiday Craft Bazaar this Saturday

October 13th, 2012, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. At the Justice Center, 9002 Main Street E, Bonney Lake WA

I’ll have jewelry, scarves, and a few miniature vases, plaques, etc.

Click this link for more information and directions: Holiday Craft Bazaar This Saturday | City of Bonney Lake.

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Closing my Etsy Store

Bead Crochet Bracelets

Freshly Baked

New Scarves


Bead Crochet Bracelets

Well, here they are!

The verdict? They are comfortable to wear, fun to make and I love them. I realized during my photography session that I either need a mannequin arm or a friend with daintier wrists than mine. 🙂 You can see from the pictures that some can be worn as both  necklaces and bracelets. I am having fun rummaging through my bead bin and scrounging cool buttons for closures.

Creating is fun, photography is hard, but now that I have them all photographed I will get them measured and listed in my Etsy store tomorrow.  So far I am making them to fit a 6.5 inch wrist (mine),  but I’d be happy to make them in custom colors or lengths, call or email me with your ideas!  Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite…

Sneak preview

I apologize for the phone camera shot but  I wanted to to give you a hint of what I have been making! They are crocheted bracelets and necklaces. I am using glass, shell, some driftwood pieces I picked up in Oregon last Summer and all kinds of old charms and buttons! I will take some real pictures tomorrow and list them in my ETSY store.

New Scarves

I’ve been working on my photography and got some good pix of a few scarves I made over the winter. I found a tutorial on digital photography and learned some new techniques. Well, not new techniques really, just figuring out what some of the buttons on my camera actually do 🙂 I learned to switch between auto and macro but I can’t seem to get the background blurred sufficiently. There must be another button somewhere…

sparkly metallic and mohair yarns handwoven with long twisted fringe
lacey cowl crocheted in fine wool
loom knit variegated ribbon
Handknit chunky scarf with sparkles, ribbon, roving and fluff
Handwoven microfiber with sparkly acrylic yarns

New Jewelry: Freshly baked!

I have been busy! This is last week’s batch of baking.

Now that the roof, drain, sewer and porch projects are finished I can get back to making messes in my studio! I have avoided most of the serious mess-making arts like painting, pottery and stained glass but I do love clay, polymer clay to be exact. I love how organic the polymer clay looks with my stones and how sturdy it is. The clay settings impart a completely different feel than my wire settings and provide a more massive ancient look. Most of these are available in my Etsy shop and I’ll have the rest listed soon. Hover over the picture for the titles. Click to enlarge.

Stone of the Sign : Virgo

On August 22nd, the Sun enters the portion of the sky belonging to the Zodiacal sign Virgo (Aug 22 to Sep 22). Virgo is a feminine, Earth sign. She is cautious, discerning and honest and rules  all activities related to health and analysis. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and, according to tradition, lapis lazuli, sodalite, jade and emerald are all stones that are in tune with its energy. Wear any of these during Virgo’s time or to support any of Virgo’s activities which include:

  • volunteering or serving others
  • gardening (for produce, ornamentals are ruled by Libra)
  • organizing
  • working with pets
  • studying

If you’d like to know what sign the Moon is in, you can check out my new widget on the right or click here for The Farmers Almanac. The pictures below are examples of Virgo stones. The jade and copper pendant and earrings are still available in my Etsy Store. I do have some nice jade and lapis cabachons and beads that I can wrap for you or make into earrings, a necklace or bracelet. Just ask!


The Dye-In

I had a great time at the NwRSA dye-in this weekend hosted by The Pines Farm in Maple Valley. Betty Crotchitt and I went together. The farm is beautiful and the outdoor dyeing studio that Lin has set up is something I’d love to copy for my own backyard.  Those of us who weren’t dyeing gathered under the big trees to stay out of the sun. It was quiet, pastoral and every once in a while a sheep would come up to the fence and baa at us. Too cute! Betty dyed some yarn in a dark grayish-green and roving in a bright sapphire blue while I visited, spun some baby camel and tussah silk fiber on my drop spindle, and ate too many cookies.

I brought the raffle basket that I won at the last spin-in filled with a mix of exotics to spin. I didn’t get a picture but I included hand-dyed bamboo roving, hand-painted sock yarn and baggies of tussah silk sliver, cotton, angora from Rosie, and mulberry silk. I also slipped in a packet of stitch markers I made, lavender tea light candles and some fancy French chocolates. I hope the winner enjoys it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

I was looking for a way to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Meán Geimhridh and Kwanzaa in July and I finally decided to stick with tradition and have a holiday sale!  Not very imaginative, I know, but I am offering free shipping on everything in my store. I don’t have any stitch marker sets listed yet, but I will be making some for sale soon. Click here to visit Dunthor Design on Etsy.

Happy 4th of July

July begins the second half of the year and is the seasonal equivalent of January in the Southern Hemisphere. Originally named Quintilius because it was the 5th month in the Roman calendar, it was renamed by the Emperor Augustus to honor Julius Caesar.

According to the new Marist Poll: 74% of Resident Americans know that the US declared independence from Great Britain, 20% were unsure and 6% named other countries. This is a great lead-in to my annual recommendation that everyone watch Liberty! The American Revolution. Originally broadcast on PBS in 1997, this is a great history and civics lesson that is actually fun. It is always intriguing to me that the issues dealt with by the 1st Continental Congress are the same issues dealt  with by every subsequent Congress. See for yourself!

If Christmas in July is a tradition in your family, or you would like to make it one… Check out Dunthor Design on Etsy. This may be the last few days that scarves will be available in the store. I am deciding whether or not to  remove them rather than figuring out the recent FTC labeling laws.

This is also the anniversary of our finding Maggie trapped in a storm drain in downtown Burien while walking Freya on a firework filled night.

Click here to read about the rescue of Margaret Liberty Duncan on that particular 4th of July back in 2004.

The store is open!

Check out my store on Etsy! I am moving the jewelry and amulets and adding all the earrings and bracelets I’ve never listed anywhere before. I’ll be adding handspun yarns and hand-dyed fiber as soon as I get yardage calculated. My shop is dedicated to my mom who taught me to crochet, knit, and be generally crafty and also my mom-in-law who taught me to spin and gifted me with my first drop spindle and spinning wheel. Happy Mother’s Day to you both!

So what happened? Why am I finally putting items in a store that has been forlorn and empty for almost a year? Because… I finally figured out how to use a lightbox. Yeah, stupid thing to be held up on, I know. It was just one more skill that I didn’t have time to figure out. If you need a lightbox, check out this one: The cowboy studio portable light tent. I really like it. It folds flat and fits in the closet. Here is a small sample of store items…