On August 22nd, the Sun enters the portion of the sky belonging to the Zodiacal sign Virgo (Aug 22 to Sep 22). Virgo is a feminine, Earth sign. She is cautious, discerning and honest and rules  all activities related to health and analysis. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and, according to tradition, lapis lazuli, sodalite, jade and emerald are all stones that are in tune with its energy. Wear any of these during Virgo’s time or to support any of Virgo’s activities which include:

  • volunteering or serving others
  • gardening (for produce, ornamentals are ruled by Libra)
  • organizing
  • working with pets
  • studying

If you’d like to know what sign the Moon is in, you can check out my new widget on the right or click here for The Farmers Almanac. The pictures below are examples of Virgo stones. The jade and copper pendant and earrings are still available in my Etsy Store. I do have some nice jade and lapis cabachons and beads that I can wrap for you or make into earrings, a necklace or bracelet. Just ask!