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The blog’s new editor

The blog's new editor

Here is Gracie checking my work. I hope she has better punctuation skills than I do.

Lost: Night Number Three

Another sighting has her in Gregory Heights heading toward Normandy Park. Both callers have noted that she is the fastest dog they have ever seen and I can’t even imagine how panicked she must be to be running like that.¬†This is her third night outside. ūüė¶

I did not know that there were other Formosans in the neighborhood but I spotted two in yards during all my driving around and carefully examined them, well, only carefully enough to discover that both were male ūüôā

I’ve put notices on Craigslist, The B-Town Blog, The Normandy Park Blog, Pet Harbor and HomeAgain.com. Click the links to read them, print them or to add any other sightings.

I can’t post to Petfinder, all I get when I try to register is a 404 notice. If any of you are registered with them, could you post the picture and info for me?

All the veterinary offices in Burien have been given her microchip number and tomorrow I’ll hit the ones in Normandy Park.

The Burien CARES shelter has been notified as has Normandy Park, If you can think of anything else, please let me know.

Here is the hand-out I made for her. Please post them where you can!

Gracie is Missing- Please Help!

Gracie is our 2 year old Formosan Mountain Dog who was rescued from¬†Taiwan and brought to the US. We were coming home late last night so a¬†friend came over to feed and let her out in the yard. Something spooked¬†her and she leapt the 6 foot fence. She was last seen at 2nd & 142nd in¬†Burien. We’ve been walking all over the neighborhood calling her but she
hasn’t come home yet. She is wearing a blue and orange collar with tags and she is chipped but she is so¬†skittish that I don’t know if anyone would be able to catch her. If anyone¬†hears anything or spots her anywhere, please call me!

Inga Duncan Thornell / 206-459-6963

Update: Just after we posted signs, I got a call from a nice woman who stopped cars on Ambaum to help Gracie cross. She said she was running flat-out and headed South toward 152nd.  We just papered that area with signs and tomorrow, when they are open, I can canvass all the vet offices. Thank you everyone for the great suggestions. I have posts on FB, craigslist, Home Again. Keep those ideas coming!

Join the lost pet alert network at Home Again