Gracie is Missing- Please Help!

Gracie is our 2 year old Formosan Mountain Dog who was rescued from Taiwan and brought to the US. We were coming home late last night so a friend came over to feed and let her out in the yard. Something spooked her and she leapt the 6 foot fence. She was last seen at 2nd & 142nd in Burien. We’ve been walking all over the neighborhood calling her but she
hasn’t come home yet. She is wearing a blue and orange collar with tags and she is chipped but she is so skittish that I don’t know if anyone would be able to catch her. If anyone hears anything or spots her anywhere, please call me!

Inga Duncan Thornell / 206-459-6963

Update: Just after we posted signs, I got a call from a nice woman who stopped cars on Ambaum to help Gracie cross. She said she was running flat-out and headed South toward 152nd.  We just papered that area with signs and tomorrow, when they are open, I can canvass all the vet offices. Thank you everyone for the great suggestions. I have posts on FB, craigslist, Home Again. Keep those ideas coming!

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6 thoughts on “Gracie is Missing- Please Help!

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