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An opportunity to pay it back

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I had an opportunity to pay-it-back by reuniting a lost dog with their owner today.

I’ve always been pretty aware of watching for missing dogs but since Gracie’s adventure I’ve been hyper-aware.I was out for my walk and was way out near Shorewood when I saw a dog loose in the street about a block away. I headed that direction and saw that it was a rather senior Norwich terrier and that a woman was trying to catch it. I caught the dog for her thinking it was hers but it wasn’t. I honestly didn’t check to see if it was male or female so “its” tag said Scamp and had a phone number so I held “scamp,” the dog while LuAnne went into her house to call the number.  The man who answered said he was in Maryland and gave her the number for his dog sitter.

Luckily the dog sitter was home and drove right over to pick Scamp up. She said that she hadn’t noticed that the little Scamp had escaped the fenced in yard yet. The adventure added about 20 or so minutes of non-walking time to my walk but it was well worth it. Please remember when you see a loose dog that they are probably lost, not stray. Be a neighbor and check for a collar and tags. >^..^<

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Gracie is Missing- Please Help!

Gracie is our 2 year old Formosan Mountain Dog who was rescued from Taiwan and brought to the US. We were coming home late last night so a friend came over to feed and let her out in the yard. Something spooked her and she leapt the 6 foot fence. She was last seen at 2nd & 142nd in Burien. We’ve been walking all over the neighborhood calling her but she
hasn’t come home yet. She is wearing a blue and orange collar with tags and she is chipped but she is so skittish that I don’t know if anyone would be able to catch her. If anyone hears anything or spots her anywhere, please call me!

Inga Duncan Thornell / 206-459-6963

Update: Just after we posted signs, I got a call from a nice woman who stopped cars on Ambaum to help Gracie cross. She said she was running flat-out and headed South toward 152nd.  We just papered that area with signs and tomorrow, when they are open, I can canvass all the vet offices. Thank you everyone for the great suggestions. I have posts on FB, craigslist, Home Again. Keep those ideas coming!

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