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Gracie is featured on Ravelry!


Do you Ravel? I do.

Ravelry.com is one of my favorite favorites. So I was thrilled to receive an email yesterday requesting the use of Gracie’s picture to accompany this dog sweater pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. Click this link to see it on Ravelry: Flower Garden Dog Sweater pattern by Lion Brand Yarn. Here is the original post about the sweater. You can find me on ravelry as idthornell.

So, do you ravel?

Sweater girl!

Gracie’s first sweater. Here is my M.O., before embarking on any project that requires measuring or knitting, I crochet a model. It is just a faster way for me to see what the pattern pieces need to look like. So, I found a  free pattern to improvise on, this time from Lion Brand, and then I used different yarn and the wrong hook. I dunno why, that is just how I cook. Continue reading Sweater girl!

Dogs in Clothes?

I have always insisted that I would never dress one of my dogs in clothing. Now I did dress my schnauzer in baby clothes when I was very young and she never seemed to mind but to take a dog out in public like that just seemed wrong. Fast forward to Gracie.  Continue reading Dogs in Clothes?