Gracie’s first sweater. Here is my M.O., before embarking on any project that requires measuring or knitting, I crochet a model. It is just a faster way for me to see what the pattern pieces need to look like. So, I found a  free pattern to improvise on, this time from Lion Brand, and then I used different yarn and the wrong hook. I dunno why, that is just how I cook.Since I was using smaller hook and yarn, I made the larger size. The back fits exactly as it should but I didn’t estimate her chest right so I crocheted three border rows on both pieces to add width and give her a larger armhole. It is kind of a raglan style and feels warm. Gracie is a nice basic black so any color looks good on her 🙂 This sweater is made with Homespun in saffron and bordered in Thick &  Quick in spice. I think she looks pretty cute in it. I’ll knit the next one and make it more of a turtleneck style so it comes up higher.