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The blog’s new editor

The blog's new editor

Here is Gracie checking my work. I hope she has better punctuation skills than I do.

Gracie is Missing- Please Help!

Gracie is our 2 year old Formosan Mountain Dog who was rescued from Taiwan and brought to the US. We were coming home late last night so a friend came over to feed and let her out in the yard. Something spooked her and she leapt the 6 foot fence. She was last seen at 2nd & 142nd in Burien. We’ve been walking all over the neighborhood calling her but she
hasn’t come home yet. She is wearing a blue and orange collar with tags and she is chipped but she is so skittish that I don’t know if anyone would be able to catch her. If anyone hears anything or spots her anywhere, please call me!

Inga Duncan Thornell / 206-459-6963

Update: Just after we posted signs, I got a call from a nice woman who stopped cars on Ambaum to help Gracie cross. She said she was running flat-out and headed South toward 152nd.  We just papered that area with signs and tomorrow, when they are open, I can canvass all the vet offices. Thank you everyone for the great suggestions. I have posts on FB, craigslist, Home Again. Keep those ideas coming!

Join the lost pet alert network at Home Again

Video of Gracie’s rescue in Taiwan

I just found our Gracie on the Animal Rescue Team’s website. She is the puppy named Cake. The video shows the rescue workers catching the litter on the beach. I am so grateful to ARTT in Taiwan and to Salty Dog Rescue in Seattle for getting these dogs across the ocean and into homes.

Made in Taiwan

Her name is Gracie Cupcake Duncan and she is a 6 month old Formosan Mountain Dog mix, from Salty Dog Rescue. She was flown here to Seattle, spayed and put into a foster home. We met her at an adoption event at Immortal Dog Pet Supply and Bakery.  Scott has advocated for a puppy for a long time and started sending me puppies from Petfinder a few weeks ago. Scott and Rob met a Taiwan dog and heard all about them at the cigar store in Vancouver and was very impressed with the “breed.” I had to admit he was right about the timing on a puppy, Rob is the perfect age to enjoy one so we took him to Immortal Dog to do research. Research only. Well, you can see from the pictures how that turned out. Her call name was Cake. Since we always change names when we take in a new beastie, we named her Grace, from the Latin gratia  meaning  “favor; blessing”. Continue reading Made in Taiwan