American Pie

 The first album I ever bought…

Yup, American Pie by Don MacLean. It was $2.69 when it was freshly released in … 1972. We were living in Mt Prospect, IL and I crossed the busy street near my school, I was only 10 at the time, and bought it myself before heading home. When I got home I played it on one of these:





I was listening to the title track and his arrangement of Babylon today and thinking about how well they still hold up. Vincent was another hit at the time and has been covered by several artists more recently.  A note for those who may not know it: the song Killing Me Softly With His Song was written about MacLean.

MacLean never matched American Pie’s success, but not many other artists have created even one classic so don’t hold that against him. :)

Do you remember the first album you bought?

Do you still listen to it?


Click for Video of Babylon

This is MacLean at the Royal Albert Hall.


Click for Video of American Pie






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blogger perks

Isn’t it interesting that when you contract the word “perquisite” you drop the q and sub a k? The dictionary defines perk as a privilege or gain and we’ve gotten some cool perks over my years of blogging, a weekend at Crystal Mountain with Robbie was the most memorable.


But here is another, Flex Belt has offered me the opportunity to review their cool ab belt toning system. You know I love a gadget. It uses EMS, that is Electronic Muscle Stimulation with gel pads to give 150 muscle contractions in 30 minutes and best…  I get one for my very own!

In 6 weeks I’ll send them before and after pix. Yes, of course I’ll post them here.

I can’t wait ’til it gets here…

Click the link to check out their website: Flex Belt.



Deadly Victorian Fashions

The Arsenic Ball Gown,

This picture is of one of the items in Fashion Victims: The Pleasures and Perils of Dress in the 19th Century, which opens June 18 and runs through 2016 in Toronto, Canada. I wish I could see it but I’ll have to settle for the book by Alison Matthew David, a professor at Ryerson University’s School of Fashion whose decade-long investigation into the relationship between clothing and health inspired the show and comes out next year.

I’ve always been fascinated by fashion, not in the clothes-buying sense as anyone who knows me would know but in a more cultural anthropology “body-packaging” sense so this is right up my alley. How about giant hoop skirts in a crowded city environment? Did you know that “Crinoline fires” killed 3,000 women between the late 1850s and late 1860s in England alone? Women would lose sense of their skirt’s width, step too close to a fire grate, then flames would be fanned by oxygen circulating under their skirts, really. 

The brief article describing the exhibit shows more items and discusses how fashion served to stratify society as well as documenting the ways in which it created health hazards of its own.

Read about it here..

Here are a couple of my favorite books on the topic if you are interested before the one related to the exhibit comes out:

The Unfashionable Human Body by Bernard Rudolfsky, Out of print but worth buying used. 

Body Packaging by Julian Robinson, This was a very controversial book when it came out in the 90’s and I guess it still might be from the reviews on Amazon. 




On making changes …

Is life that simple? Yes. Is life that hard? Yes. _____________________________________________________



Thought for the day

Thought for the day

Sometimes how you say something IS more important than what you say.

Join me at Kepler College’s Astrology Day Cafe

Join me at Kepler College's Astrology Day Cafe

March 20, 2014 from 10 am to 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time (1 pm to 11 pm Eastern)

Join Kepler College online for an all-day Astrology Café as Kepler celebrates International Astrology Day. Every hour we have a new set of guests who are representative of a wide variety of astrological practices. You can drop in at any time. Hosted by Enid Newberg, Karen McCauley and Donna Woodwell.
Below is our schedule of speakers (all times are Pacific Daylight Time)
10:00 am Choosing Your Moment, Electional Astrology with Faye Cossar and Christine Arens
11:00 am The Future of astrology education, with Nicholas Campion and Ena Stanley
12:00 pm Visualizing Astrology, with A.T. Mann and Adrian Duncan
1:00 pm Evolutionary Astrology and Soul, with Mark Jones and Laura Nalbandian
2:00 pm Astrology and China, with David Railey and Gisele Terry
3:00 pm Negotiating with Planets (aka Remediation), with Tamira McGillivray, Kenneth Miller and Andrea Gehrtz,
4:00 pm What’s in an Archetype? With Michelle Gould, Margaret Gray and Inga Thornell
5:00 pm Healing with the Stars: Medical Astrology with Lee Lehman, William Morris, and Judith Holloway
6:00 pm Astrological Mystery Dessert of the Day, with Bruce Scofield, Ronnie Dreyer and Georgia Stathis
7:00 pm Astrology’s Ancient Roots, with Robert Hand and Chris Brennan



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