Thank you all for the fun party! It was great to see everyone and to catch up on news. Along with the usual snackage we served pumpkin pie in honor of Autumn and Rena brought a German chocolate cake, num. Kevin described a way to make a fruit-fly trap from a wine bottle.  We always have an infestation of fruit flies this time of year and we always have wine bottles around so I made one right away. You just pour some cider vinegar into the wine bottle and then tape a paper funnel into the neck. The fruit flies fly into the funnel but then can’t get back out. Here is the website of the University of Kentucky featuring this type of a trap, but the wine bottle looks much cooler than theirs does!

The Winter Solstice occurs on December 21, so our next party will be on Saturday, the 19th. If you want to know when those solstices and equinoxes happen, or if you’d like to know which stars are visible on a given evening, then it is time to order your Farmers Almanac for next year. Check out my favorite feature: the “best days” timetable. Don’t start 2010 without it!