More Goodies from the Kitchen, this time for the humans!

So I bought a flat of pears at Costco, and I really love dried fruit. It is a great way to pack fruit in a lunchbag or briefcase without having to worry about it getting bruised of squished. Packaged dried fruit usually contains sugar or is sulphered so I wouldn’t really recommend it as a diet-friendly fruit replacement. By drying my own I can control exactly what goes in it. I prefer… nothing!

I just wash the fruit well, slice it up, and arrange it on my trays. I like pears and apples to be crisp chips so I dry them overnight but you could stop the process while they are still leathery. Once they are cool they can be stored in simple ziplocs or jars. I’ve always been concerned about having whole batches ruined by air getting in and Scott decided he’d like to have more food stored in case of snow or earthquakes so I bought the Foodsaver vacuum sealer in the last picture. It is so cool! Just slip the end of the bag in until it engages and then just wait while it sucks the air out and seals the bag. So far this week I’ve dried apples, pears, pineapple and bananas.

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